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Penfolds range - new releases


I just got an email from TWS to check out the new releases from the Penfolds Range. To be honest I do not know the wines too well… other than a slightly underwhelming tasting of the higher end wines in December 2014. Considering 3 bottles of St Henri as part of a mixed case of wines with similar drinking windows. I also had the Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz (from Majestic) before, which is a perfectly satisfying wine. Would be interested in other’s experiences / views of Penfolds.


Weirdly it was the first proper bottle i bought when i was “18” and went down well with the then gf’s parents. Cabernet of some sort…huge oak but tasted classy at 10 quid a bottle. Tried the st.henri at a wine gang tasting…i expect it needed time to decant (in fact it tasted pretty rough). I have been looking at the premium cabernets though…look interesting


The Penfold wines are well made but not really for me, feel that you are paying for the brand rather than anything different, I have tried a selection of the Penfold wines, everything from the bin 2 up to different vintages of the Grange wines. They are also releasing a ‘G3’ wine which is a blend of 3 vintages of their top of the range ‘Grange’ wines - basically a blend of a blend.

What I do fine odd about Penfold wines is that they are made from grapes from all their vineyards all blended into one which is different to other fine wine which have a sense of place as they are usually from a tightly controlled region - its got the same labeling requirement of ‘South Australia’ as the cheap supermarket Australian wines.

For me personally I would rather spend my money elsewhere but I guess the Penfold wines have a certain cult following much like Musar wines (except Musar is around £23 a bottle rather than £400) - the Penfold wines do have a long drink date though so I guess for the latest Grange with the drink date until 2045 its like buying a £14 bottle wine each year and not drinking it.


I also prefer Hill of Grace to Grange…not that I sip either other than if it is in the tasting machine in a wine shop…

I also read about the G3 release… safe to say that is for a different type of wine consumer. The bottle price is roughly the same as 6 bottles of the recently released Grange.