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Penfolds offer



Just the 1 Grange experience for me. 1992 Magnum consumed at Christmas 2004.

The girlfriend at the time’s father used to work for Penfolds. Agreed with @JayKay, lovely wine but not great QPR.

Dad has 1 last bottle of the '96 left in his cellar. We went back to the Barossa this time last year. Had a great time, with many lovely wines consumed. We get back to the UK and he texts me a week later… “I forgot to open that Grange with you. I said I was going to open it next time we were all together” :man_facepalming:


Yeah agreed. Still make some lovely wines throughout their portfolio. I’ve had good Bin’s 138 (SGM), 389 (CS/Shz), 407 (CS), 150 (Shiraz from Marananga) and St Henri Shiraz. Not a fan of Magill Estate. Bin 28 & 128 are way over priced for what they are - as are the rest I suppose on reflection!

I do find Penfold’s produce to a ‘house style’ as well which is not to everyone’s likes. I also think Wolf Blass has a similar ‘house style’.

Last year we drunk an '09 389 vs an '08 Yalumba Signature. Both Cab/Shiraz blends with a bit of age on them. The Signature kicked the 389 out of the park (I may have been slightly biased :wink:). Having said that, The Signature is only £10 cheaper but far more easy to get your hands on.


I’ve a single bottle of the 1995 Grange in the cabinet, bought (like @JayKay) when they weren’t too ridiculously priced. I’m now in that ‘will it improve \ is it in decline’ decision moment…I’m probably never going to get the opportunity again, but want to drink it at its best. Any advice? Or do I just take the plunge? :rofl:


Is the signature their top wine? I tasted a selection of the range years ago at an event hosted by Jane Ferrari, really nice person and I felt the entire range was fantastic and at good prices too. Not sure why I haven’t bought any since. I must!

On a similar note Tim Smith (former Yalumba staff) wines are fantastic Aussie wines too and great prices but a bit harder to get. Another really nice guy if you get the chance to meet him with a lot of passion.

I rather have a lot of the above than 1 bottle of Penfolds top wine.


Signature is part of their icon range. Not top dog but best value I reckon.
Great value if you can get it for ~£25 on a 25% off deal.

Australia’s sweet spot for premium reds is around that AUD$50 mark. (30-60 probably)
It’s always the same argument… 1 bottle of Grange or 20 bottles of delicious ageworthy wine. I know which I would prefer.

Not tried many of Tim’s wines but have heard great things. Certainly one to explore. Do you know if they are imported over here?


Mental note for next Waitrose 25% offer…Signature and Musar. Sorted :slight_smile:


which was to be shown or demonstrated.


25 years from vintage they reckon.
I would pull the cork next year.
1995 is a good vintage but a bit overshadowed by 1996


Nice one, cheers. 51st birthday then :wink:


Reckon there will be one next month if previous form is a guide.


I don’t know whether to be chuffed or distressed at that news…more wine to find a home for #firstworldproblem :slight_smile:


Lee & Sanderman do them, but only have 3 on their website at the moment. I think there’s about 6 or so. The Mataro is missing and that was really good and unique. A few restaurants here sell the Bugalugs shiraz but not the rest of the range, which is a real shame.


I have just been given badge for replying to your Lating quote and giving the English translation.


My local Waitrose has 2001 Musar at £27.99 at the moment which seems well below the competition even without the 25% offer! Before that they had the 2003 for ages and before that it was only ever the latest vintage so who knows what they’re playing at (or if Musar UK are re-releasing some older vintages). Really tempted to get a 2001 at that price as I’ve drunk all my early 00’s.


I used to drink an awful lot of Aussie shiraz when I was younger and I’m pretty sure it was a Penfolds wine that sent me down that path so I’ve a lot to thank them for. My earlier churlish rant is, in part, built up resentment at being dumped as a result of their change in strategy !

Agreed, about what you say about house styles very much. I used to very much like the density of flavour and the oak handling in Penfolds wine when, if memory serves, John Duval was chief winemaker.

I was once lucky enough to buy a vertical six pack of Grange, in 1991 of the 81 to 86 vintages. IIRC, I would have drunk them annually when they were ten years old. None of them disappointed, the 86 was particularly good. One thing remains from that case, on the kitchen wall…

…a Ralph Steadman print of Max Schubert !


Go for it, that’s a really good price for a really good wine. Where is your ‘local’ Waitrose…? :wink:


Norwich! I really need to cut down on frivolous spending but its too good to pass up.

I think most branches stock Musar but you won’t know what vintage until you get there. Not that I’ve ever had a bad one from Musar.


I bought an '01 Musar from Gerrard Seel in June for 29.50 so looks good to me!


A little too far for me… The only Waitrose I’m ever near is a little one in Nottingham, they tend not to have Musar unfortunately, so most I source from them comes from their online sales. And yes, agreed, never had a bad vintage. Fave wine, in fact there’s a 2003 half with the haggis for dinner tonight :heart_eyes:


No one was going to take that bet