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email offer on Penfolds limited supply wines, including Grange and other joys…

It is now Penfolds’ 175th year of making wine . In that time, they have established themselves as Australia’s most famous winery. Their latest releases – ranging from the 2018 Bin 311 Chardonnay to the 2015 vintage of the world-famous Grange – are as fascinating as they are delicious, giving a perfect snapshot of their growing seasons.

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Prices have not risen for these wines since last year but they are in short supply: quick ordering is advised!

Fans and collectors of Grange should seize the 2015: it is an especially deep, brooding and classic example of this flagship wine.

The value, though, is to be found in Bin 389 Cabernet-Shiraz , affectionately known by many as the ‘Baby Grange’. A real purple patch in the latest line-up were the 2017 vintages of Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz, Bin 407 Cabernet and Bin 389 Cabernet-Shiraz : they are particularly fresh and focused, and no doubt will age beautifully.

If you are a follower of Penfolds I would urge you not to miss out. If you are not, Bin 28 is a good place to start!

Freddy Bulmer Freddy Bulmer
Buyer for Australia


Showing my age here but I can remember buying Bin 28 for less than a tenner!


389 didn’t hang around long!

For those with a £180 to fork out on a bottle of wine I can highly recommend the 169. A truly amazing wine. I won’t be partaking however!


Wow, that was quick. I have my last Bin 389 downstairs; I think it must have cost around £12-13 then, maybe 15-20 years ago. Certainly didn’t seem as much as £44 does today.


Was sad that 389 has already sold out - tried 707 last week and it’s potentially my red WOTY - incredible. Would love to try the 169 as well.


…still a few cases of 389 over at BBR… (fractionally cheaper too, if I’m not mistaken).


i have removed my posting


…not the odds that you only have a 1/45million chance of winning the jackpot?


i have removed my posting


Bin 28 used to be my house red ! The 1987 was £4.49 in Oddbins IIRC.

Bin 389 used to work out at £6.66 when on a 3 for 2 offer in the supermarkets.

And Grange was £20 a bottle.

Think it was in the mid 90’s that Penfolds changed their sales and marketing philosophy from providing great value into something far more aspirational. Suddenly they were no longer available in supermarkets or chain off licences, only through top end wine merchants, and their prices went through the roof.

No doubt, they were undervalued back then but the opposite applies these days. The snobby aspirational side to their marketing makes me nauseous and sends my inner BS detector into a full scale deflection alarm. I’m sure they don’t give a hoot about my opinions but similarly I couldn’t care less about their wines anymore. I’d far rather buy from a producer who respects their customers every bit as much as their shareholders.

Rant over, sorry about that but I had to vent !


I think I recall Kalimna when living in Australia in the 1970s but couldn’t have told you the bin number. Perhaps that is a more recent addition to the name?
In those days I felt Grange was the only ‘great’ Penfolds wine and the rest were all fairly ordinary, certainly behind Henschke, Wynn’s, Rouge Homme etc.


Not sure I agree with this statement.

Like I said, I won’t be buying but I have tasted the wine and it is truly world class. One of those wines that stops you in your tracks and you have to pick your jaw up off the floor. So I think that would be the point. A life changing/affirming moment of how good someone can make fermented grape juice taste :yum:

I also think buying expensive things is each to their own. Houses, cars, clothes, gadgets, sports hobbies/equipment, perfume, hair maintenance, wine, books… The list goes on. If you’ve got the money and you enjoy it, why not have things that make life that bit better.

I think immoral is a bit of a hard stance. Are TWS immoral for selling and making a profit from expensive wines?


I would dearly love to try the Grange (any vintage - I’m not fussy!) but at £415 a bottle it is way out of my league


i have removed my posting


£180 says it’s not. :rofl:


Maybe we could all chip in and then taste a thimble full each !! Who’s in ? Raise your hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:!!


I have tasted Grange at a Penfolds Masterclass at a Three Wine Man event… it is good, but definitely not £415 good. So I am out.


£180 says its not. its not what?


Quod erat demonstrandum…


I have been lucky enough to drink my share of two bottles of Grange in my life so far. Of these one was a gift from Mr JayKays Aussie family members and the other we bought for about £100. We are talking 1989 and 1990 vintages here, a while ago. They were both very lovely wines of great depth. We also have another waiting in our ‘cellar’, another gift - for my 60th a couple of years ago. Would I spend over £400 for one of these now? No I would qnot, but good luck to anyone who chooses to do so.