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Pegasus Bay Riesling

Yes I’ve had the Polish Hills Riesling. Wasn’t a huge fan of that either.

There’s something special about riesling from Alsace/Germany/Austria that gets me. Have found an odd new world riesling that does it but it’s the exception rather than the rule.


That’s true not only for you, but for many people I know. In the beginning, it thought the Rieslings from Grosset lacked finesse, but I started to appreciate them more after trying under different settings. Tatomer’s are much more approachable, given that he trained in Austria, so they might appeal to you. Roberson’s carry them, I believe. Jancis Robinson used a Tatomer wine for her virtual FT Weekend Festival wine tasting this year!



We tried the Tatomer Steinhugel Riesling last weekend as part of the FT tasting and instantly ordered more. Very pleasant. Jancis Robinson also did a shout out for the Tatomer Kick-on ranch Riesling.



It’s an amazing wine. I had the opportunity to spend an evening with Graham Tatomer when he last came to London and I can tell you that his Pinot Noir is just amazing (though expensive). And a great guy overall.


Thanks for the tip!

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Yes, I had seen the Tatomer riesling and even added some to my basket but never pressed the button. I will give them a try at some point.

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I am really disappointed by this wine. Little acidity, just seems like a sweet mid-range riesling. I would never guess it has any bottle age in it.

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It really does lack the acidity it needs to cut through the residual sugar.

After my first bottle I decided that I couldn’t face 5 more bottles and sent them back to TWS.

I do think you can tell it’s aged though. It has the colour and richness of an aged riesling. That would be lacking in a younger wine.

Had a bottle last week. Then read the last two posts.

With a furrowed brow I had to open another bottle tonight.

Perfectly beautiful, like the first bottle. Not searing acidity, but enough to hold its own, touch of sweetness, long flavours. Very glad I got the case, although it won’t last long at this rate.


Problem is it’s sold by Roberson and they always charge over the top prices

Sign up for their mailing list and you will be alerted of any sales. I got some with 20 to 25% off, but I totally agree with you: their “rack” prices might be marked up a bit too much.