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Paying by direct debit


I have today had 12 bottles delivered to me .I pay by direct debit. This is a very civilized method… I have just been informed that my payment will be taken on 10th pay. This method is good for me and good for the wine society.


Absolutely agree. Soooo easy. Maybe too easy. :wink:


Except for, I have just received a chaser for a payment that TWS is supposed to take by direct debit this week… Not the first time it happens, my account has been blocked twice in the past due to this. The reason is the direct debit payable amount shows as outstanding for 10 days… TWS checks account debits once a month… if on the same day for consecutive months you have an outstanding DD you may be in trouble.

Otherwise I also prefer this form of payment… just mildly annoying sometimes.


My DD has been fairly smooth although sometimes quite a gap from delivery to taking payment. And it doesn’t always tie up with credits on your account so sometimes I need to place an order by credit card to be sure that any credit will be applied to the next order. But generally happy to use this service and if it saves money for the Society then that is good.


This happened to me once as well. Had to ring them to find out what was going on. Bit of a glitch there…