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Paying by direct debit


I have today had 12 bottles delivered to me .I pay by direct debit. This is a very civilized method… I have just been informed that my payment will be taken on 10th pay. This method is good for me and good for the wine society.


Absolutely agree. Soooo easy. Maybe too easy. :wink:


Except for, I have just received a chaser for a payment that TWS is supposed to take by direct debit this week… Not the first time it happens, my account has been blocked twice in the past due to this. The reason is the direct debit payable amount shows as outstanding for 10 days… TWS checks account debits once a month… if on the same day for consecutive months you have an outstanding DD you may be in trouble.

Otherwise I also prefer this form of payment… just mildly annoying sometimes.


My DD has been fairly smooth although sometimes quite a gap from delivery to taking payment. And it doesn’t always tie up with credits on your account so sometimes I need to place an order by credit card to be sure that any credit will be applied to the next order. But generally happy to use this service and if it saves money for the Society then that is good.


This happened to me once as well. Had to ring them to find out what was going on. Bit of a glitch there…



Hmm was just about to thart a thread on this - had the same email this week and checked my email history, turns out I’ve had the same thing three times in the past two years. I think I’ll avoid DD payments at TWS from now on except for reserves payments, although now it’s the same price I might not bother with that either if they can’t sort it out properly.


Well I made the mistake of paying for reserves twice because even though I had set up DD payments my account kept showing I owed the reserves payment . I thought I’d better pay this and find out why the DD hadn’t been taken after … well it turned out the DD has been taken and then I sat with a credit on my account :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:! I’m unsure why DD payments take so long to process .


I’ve just cancelled DD for regular and reserves payments, no idea why they can’t get it right but not worth my bother anymore. I’m forced to use it for vcp though, hopefully that doesn’t break down too or I’ll have to stop the plan! It’s one of those things that they seem to make more complicated than it needs to be.


Thanks so much for pointing this out - I do think it’s an ongoing issue our team’s aware of, and it’s pretty high on the list of priorities in terms of finding a solution ASAP! I absolutely agree it’s not good enough that we’re sending chasers/causing you to pay twice in error - I’m so sorry!

I’ll share this topic with our Member Services team so they’re aware - just let us know if we can help with any followup queries/issues?


Thanks Laura - Drew from MS was very helpful yesterday, despte my grumpiness! I just think TWS is too big an organisation to be having these problems, it’s meant to be the easy way to pay.


Just got another one…

Further to our e-mail of 06 May 19 we are contacting you for a second time on this matter in case you remain unaware that there is an amount outstanding on your Wine Society Account of £xxx.xx.

We would be grateful if you would clear this debt as soon as possible using our online payment facility. If you have made a payment in the last few days, thank you; you need take no further action.

… moreover

We regret that we will be unable to accept any further orders, or process any existing ones, until the outstanding amount is cleared. If you have any queries, Member Services will be happy to help: e-mail

Right… so my queries are as follows:

How difficult is this to check that the current balance related to new orders, nothing to do with the 6 May balance?

I am still set up to pay by direct debit, so how is it my fault that TWS does not take the payment for X number of days?

Honestly this beggars belief.


It’s hardly the way to encourage people to pay by DD is it?

I think that the WS hands may have been tied regarding giving a payment advantage by DD, following new, and in my view, misguided rules recently introduced, although I thought these were only meant to prevent surcharges for paying by credit card not debit card. I have no problem with the cheaper cost of one method being reflected in the price. I also think that the relevant regulator should have better things to do with their time than this.


Has this been sorted out yet for you ??


I hope it will be as otherwise might not get the Verdelhos. It really pisses me off annoys me that I should chase TWS because of this when I did nothing wrong.


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


It has been sorted now, Member Services are great. It is just this automated credit control process bug that I seem to keep triggering.


I’m so sorry about this, @szaki1974 - it’s incredibly frustrating that you’re having to rectify a mistake which wasn’t yours! I’m going to make sure our Accounts team see this - I do think this is a high priority issue for us already, though, so I hope I’ll be able to report a fix before too long.


Well further to the above… it appears I now owe my reserve charges AGAIN!!!. I’m literally livid . I paid direct debit, I then paid AGAIN because my account stated I still owed, I was then left with the credit because I paid twice and now … low and behold approx. 3 weeks after using the credit all of a sudden I owe reserve charges AGAIN . :rage: I’ll be on the phone first thing in the morning.


Quite right Leah, I am forever reminded about the machinations of the banking world by a certain OH who was head of dept in clearing for a very big bank, who quoted would say, don’t trust any of them about anything, whatever it is, it will always be in their favour,you can make of that what you will…