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Payday wines


Hi all,

As some other members do, I usually only drink wine on certain days - for us we have wine over the weekend and Friday and try not to have anything during the week. This means that instead of buying a couple of cheaper bottles of wine we can buy just 1 nicer wine to enjoy.

I am tempted to start buying wines near a payday - eg once a month, with the aim to buy 4 (maybe 6 wines) which I would then open during the month between paydays - eg 1 per week.

I am starting this from this week and am currently in the process of selecting some wines to have during next month. I do also have a wine fridge and some reserves stored at The Wine Society so the 4-6 wines I buy might not be the wines that are consumed.

Its worth noting that the wines I will be looking for are in the £8-15 range, anything more I usually feel is more of a special occasion wine rather than a nice weekly wine and I already have a fair number of wines above this price point.

The wines I am planning on getting for this month are:


Please note that I found a few bottles in the bin ends - so still within budget


What a great Idea so during the month have 4 good wines then have some ‘gluggers’ for other days.
I might try that though my wish list has swelled over the last few days to 35 wines :hear_no_evil:


Seems a great idea, although there is no way I could possibly wait 4 weeks in between wine purchases :slight_smile:


Having just totted up my EP orders arriving in April I think we need a sub-topic: Payday loan wines…


Nice idea @M1tch. I trying to use EP offers to achieve something similar, albeit on a longer timeframe than a month.

The plan being to secure >4 cases per year of really nice bottles that will supply 1 good bottle a week on a rolling basis. Selecting wines with long drinking windows should ensure a diversity of wines week to week.


Ha ha ha … indeed. I am impressed by the investments.


I’m with you @M1tch. I too drink wine only on certain days of the week. I totally abstain if there’s not a ‘y’ in its name


We order our ‘drinking wine’ once a month from TWS. We only drink Fridays and Saturdays usually. So we order about 10 bottles +. I would say our average bottle of wine spend it about £12ish. We balance it all out by getting some decent cheaper wines for £7ish and then getting one or two more expensive wines for up to about £20. We put a lot of planning into what wines we get and usually pick 5 each and rarely get the same wines twice as we try to explore. Every now and then we find wines we like so much we then get a few for keeping in the cave. We have about 1 of the cave wines each month.

This way of doing things means we manage to always drink great wine, try a lot of different wines to discover more and it’s usually the most economical way