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Passport Renewal Application Online - Excellent!

Moving forward to June 2022.

Applied online, took a day under two weeks. Despite the doom & gloom in the media and warnings of 10 week turnaround. I originally tried waiting up past midnight to get a ‘fast track’ application, but no success.

nb: get a proper passport pic from Asda or similar, they no longer accept selfies.

Couldn’t be happier ! brilliant service.


Oh dear, taking a selfie made the application much quicker - and cheaper.

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Well, they do kind of. It’s a requirement to have a pure white background no shadows, which wasn’t possible in our house.

Which you can do with photoshop etc, but they also say they wont accept digitally adjusted pics. So I decided to pay £14 and get the guy at Asda to sort it.

I did mine with a selfie. The automated system rejected it but there’s a manual override which allows you to send it anyway plus state a reason why you think it’s OK. So I did this and my passport was renewed without further ado. Mine took no more than 2 weeks.

So no change. Unfortunately you couldn’t meet the criteria - or maybe you wanted to inspect ASDA’s wine aisle :grinning: .

I don’t recall a requirement for a white background, just a plain one. We used a wall with a pale green - faded by light - matt paint. had to turn off the room light because that made too much shadow, and face towards natural light and get shadow obscured by head.

Glad you got your passport, now you can start filling it with stamps from exotic foreign places, such as France, like in the old days

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Same here. I had one accepted easily then while it was mid-submission they decided to reject it after all. I then took about 30 that were rejected by the software before I got sick of this and told them it was fine. Photo accepted and passport arrived within a week.

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I went out to France in January this year and just sailed through French customs; they looked at my passport, declaration of honour and covid test result and that was it. I thought no more of it. When I returned to the UK in April and went through French customs I had a conversation that went something like this:
“Why is there no stamp in your passport?”
“I don’t know. Should there be?”
“it should have been stamped by French customs on arrival, this is a legal requirement since Brexit.”
“Oh! Well the customs officer looked at it but I guess he didn’t stamp it.”
“Do you have proof of travel.”
“Um, no, I deleted the travel documents after I’d used them.”
Long (scary) pause. With much tapping on keyboard.
“This has been noted against your passport. If it happens again you will be fined.”
I just managed to not snap back that it’s not my problem if the French customs officer on my arrival didn’t know what he was doing.

So I have still to get a French stamp in my passport!

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If I get a ferry to Rotterdam then drive to Hanover, will I get both Dutch and German stamps? - not that I’m concerned, just curious.

And is there a duty-free in Hull (or Rotterdam) ferry port worth bothering with?

I think you only get one stamp on first entry to the EU (or maybe to Schengen). Thereafter there should be no checks.

Just got back from a trip to Benelux, via a Dover to Calais ferry. French officials on the UK side, absolutely nothing on the French side, just drove off, and certainly no stamp.

Did the French on the UK side not stamp your passport on the way out?

My mistake, I just checked it, they did, but they did it so fast I hadn’t realised. I had some concern over processes, especially after we disembarked, but in fairness it was very fast and efficient, all done before we boarded at Dover. What actually took most time was my car was stopped and searched, albeit very briefly, on my return via Dunkirk. I assume they were seeing if I was smuggling anyone in my boot!

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Yeah, my problem was that they should have done mine but didn’t which caused the issues on my return.

Duty free is pretty decent onboard the Newcastle- Ijmuiden route , would imagine its the same on the others :star_struck:

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