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Passport Renewal Application Online - Excellent!

Great grandparents!

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I’m at least 6th generation Norfolk bred - but Father happened to have a work secondment to Dublin for a few years and that’s where I was born, lived there til I was 4 and family moved back to Norfolk.

So I applied for an Irish passport 5 years ago, having seen the Brexit writing on the wall and, tra-la, one was forthcoming after a mere 3 week wait after applying. Possibly fanciful to claim, but I think my passages to France this year - 3 so far - including the need to fill in the various Attestations they need - have been eased by their production en route. I’m sure it wasn’t a bad move, at least.


Hm! Must invoke my Lithuanian connection… :thinking: :eu:


If your BIL’s grandparents held Irish passports regardless of where they were born then he is entitled to one , unfortunately your sister is not based on just being married to him . If he was successful in acquiring one then they would have to live in Ireland for 2 years before she could apply for one .
My husband is not entitled to an Irish passport despite me being Irish and the kids holding IRISH passports . Easier to travel without him now I guess :joy::see_no_evil:.

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Oh, haha, I’ll pass on the simultaneous good and bad news :smiley:

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On a plus, if your BIL is entitled to one then your nieces are once he gets his … he just needs to make sure at least one GRANDPARENT not great grandparents held an Irish passport . They deem Great grandparents to distant a connection without anyone in between to warrant nationality .


My family genealogy research has turned up Irish ancestry…sadly they made the move over here in 1832, so I think it’s unlikely to help my case!


What prompted me to renew my passport was trying to renew my driving licence online but that needed the no. of my passport and the website refused the application because the passport was out of date. I then applied on paper for my driving licence renewal on the same day (10th May) but still waiting for licence - now getting urgent as my licence expires in a fortnight’s time on the eve of my birthday, However, I am assured on seeking reassurance on gov.uk that I can continue to drive even if my new licence has not arrived as I have made the application.

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