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Partygate: Wine Identification thread

Has anybody else been zooming in on the photos doing the rounds to see what the tipple of choice was in No.10?

Can’t just be me surely.

In this one I can make out Tesco Prosecco and a bottle of Brancott estate SB. Can anyone do the others?

Wines only please :eyes:



Looks like some of this too:


And this:


Excellent work


Barefoot Pinot Grigio for the white with the yellow labels?

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I thought I spotted a bottle of Lacryma Christi…

…but then I realised it was just crocodile tears for having been caught.


These people are supposed to be intelligent and running our country so what on earth is a box of Krispy Kreams doing there ? This completely artificial industrial product has no nutritional value whatsoever and is a fast-track to developing diabetes. I would have expected better party food than this trash. Where are the salmon and caviar canapés ?


I have to admit, I thought it would be a bit higher-end too. Maybe one of his well healed chums should get him a WS membership :joy:

Clearly a meeting to discuss the National Obesity Strategy.

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The majority of supermarkets in the Whitehall area are Tesco Locals if that helps.

Have you ever heard any of our current cabinet speak? Krispy Kreams is exactly the level I had them at.


Am I the only one who thought this was a wine forum and is therefore surprised at the number of threads that somehow get linked back to peoples’ politics?

In this case the OP even asked that focus just be on the wines…

Just to be clear before I get any flack, I fully welcome and enjoy debate on politics, and I completely understand and share peoples’ anger at the current situation, but surely there are better places to vent one’s anger than a wine forum?

Rant over, head back below the parapet and steel hat firmly on.


I can’t see chianti and doughnuts working well together, but doughnuts and Prosecco might work…. Depends on the doughnut icing, I suppose


Yellow bottle is barefoot, possibly pinot Grigio. Drinking that is a resignation matter, as far as I’m concerned


And we’re pretty much in the ‘wine and crisps’ thread territory. I for one would like to complain about thread drift……


I hear you. But another way of thinking about it might be to say that ‘leaving the politics out of it’ sort of carries its own message about the politics. That it is a sort of fun guessing game, rather than something innately serious and political. Which this story is. I just don’t see how you leave the politics out of this.

Sorry about repeating the word politics so much. I hope it reads okay.


It reads more than OK! :+1:

I would also add that although this is a wine forum we are also people living and breathing in a real world, and it seems inevitable to me that from time to time politics will burst the wine bubble.

Anyway, at least tax payers’ money (if that’s how this was paid for? expenses, etc.?) was not spent on First Growth Claret… :sweat_smile:


I should have guessed they wouldn’t have much taste ……


My interpretation of the Community is that it is a members’ forum for any members of TWS who wish to join it. Obviously the strongest common theme is wine but that doesn’t mean nothing else can be mentioned at all. Any member can simply avoid topics not of interest.

It’s curious that anything vaguely political seems to arouse complaint, but topics like music, or books, or sport don’t, when they don’t inherently seem to have anything more to do with wine than politics. In fact perhaps even less! There seems to be an informal general agreement to avoid getting into heavy political debate, which makes sense, but politics are very much part of our lives, and are difficult to overlook or ignore completely. We are all affected!


I think its all downmarket as its only for people who work for / have worked for him. He’s got his Tignanello to get stuck into after

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