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Pardas Sus Scrofa 2017


Has this ever been in stock? Recommended in Decanter 10/18.

I love the Wine Society website, but

Answering my own question a Google search shows it as no longer available.


Funny you mention it. I added it to my wish list soon after reading about it in the Decanter you mention, but within a week or so it was out of stock. Perhaps there weren’t that many to start with…? In any case, it sounds a really interesting wine, so maybe the most recent vintage will be added at some point?


Frankly mortified to see this appears to have gone… have enjoyed and recommended it in the past. Very light but nice red fruit and the liquorice mentioned in Pierre’s note was spot on.

I’ll ask whether we’ll be getting any more and report back!


I’ve just had a chat with Pierre, our head of buying and buyer for Spain: sadly this wine is indeed out of stock and no more coming in, at least for the foreseeable. However, we do have another Spanish red in a similar style en route: it’s called Celler del Roure Safrà, Valencia 2016.

Some may remember the 2015 vintage of this wine, which we stocked last year - there’s a nice little article about it here. It’s made from the mandó grape variety by a fantastic cellar, and offers something of the refreshing crunchy red fruit that I enjoyed so much about the Pardas.

The 2016 will be on sale in time for our next big Spain offering, landing in almost exactly 1 month.

Sorry for any disappointment on the Pardas, but hope people will consider giving the Safrà a go when it reaches us :slight_smile: Thanks.


It is in stock now.


Trying it tonight! :slight_smile: Will report back


The wine maker on this one is an interesting producer. He also makes wine under his name Javier Revert. I’ve had great pleasure trying the Clausus, a blend of ortosí, Trepadell, Malvasía, Merseguera and Verdil. Now that’s a list for you grape variety geeks.

As well as the red Sensal which is more usual varieties,70% Garnacha Tintorera: 30% Monastrell, but all planted by his grandfather 50 years ago.

Wonder if TWS will stock them?


Glad you know the wines, @Russ - agree it’s a really fascinating producer. We stocked their Cullerot Blanco earlier in the year, which had verdil and merseguera in the mix, and have listed the ‘Setze Gallets’ garnacha-monastrell in the past. Also hope we’ll see more from them in our range in future as all were very good in my humble grape-geek opinion…! If I hear any encouraging noises to that effect, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


As promised!

In a nutshell: really enjoyed it. Sadly I don’t think I have any other experiences of the mandó grape to compare it with, other than the previous vintage of the same wine. The 2016 seemed a bit more extrovert - combined with the time of year, I therefore wouldn’t recommend chilling it down: there’s quite a lot going on. Cherries, pepper and hints of violets on the nose, deft and dry on the palate with a good balance between freshness and fruit, and a lovely spicy hint to the finish. Certainly not lacking in character despite its relatively light body and think it would appeal to those into their gamay, trousseau, pineau d’aunis, etc… or if you just fancy trying something on the lighter side. Hope of help/interest! :slight_smile: