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Paper Bottle

I believe the reason they don’t let us put the glass in the general recycling bin is because it breaks making sorting, even automatic sorting, rather more difficult.

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Back to these bottles. To add to @SteveSlatcher’s ruminations, like bag-in-box containers, they are going to be of use for a very limited time due to the oxygen transmissibility of the plastic “pouch” (bag). You could improve things by using a metallised-plastic laminate (some b-in-b’s do) but that stuff is not recyclable.

We have that restriction too. We used to put all recyclables in the one bin, but the card mills taking the paper waste were unable to deal with the shards of broken glass.

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Regarding the recycling of plastic: Some councils incinerate some types of rubbish. The crude oil is extracted and converted to plastic. It serves a purpose for a while and then it is burned to produce electricity. Until we stop using fossil fuels to generate electricity, it makes good environmental sense.

I remember a quote from a social commentator on TV:

“When plastic was invented it was the material of the future. Unfortunately, it ages badly and lasts a long time.” :slight_smile: :laughing: