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Pangram style!

Good morning, and happy June to you all!

You might have seen in some of our recent Discovery emails that one of your fellow members, Simon Clark, sent in a pangram - a 26-word story with each word starting with the letters of the alphabet, in order. He’s challenged us all to do the same! :smiley:

We’ve had some great ones sent in so far, which I’ll post below, and I wouldn’t mind betting a few of you can come up with some crackers! The ones below are wine-themed, but they don’t have to be…

Here’s the original from Simon:

“Anything but Chardonnay” declared Eberhart,
feigning Germanic (hock) inspired jealousy.
“Leaves me no option.”

“Perhaps, quintessential Riesling seems tasteful?
Unless Viktor’s Weissburgunder xceeds your Zweigelt”

And another brilliant one from Mr Saxon:

Avoiding bitter chastisement, David fought gentle heartburn including joints, knees , limbs, my neighbour’s overly precious quota rarely survived tasting unusual vinifications, weissburgunder, xarello , young Zinfandel.

Plus, here’s one from Mr Rees-Jones who has upped the game and done a backwards pangram (he made us laugh by suggesting he might have actually written a margnap :joy:) :

Zany youth, Xavier, with very unpleasant trick. Sitting round quiet pub one night, mixed Latour, Kiwi juice in his glass. Foulest, execrable drink consumed by anyone!

Consider the gauntlet thrown!


Mr Saxon appears to have lost the letter E from his alphabet!

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And simon’s story is very impressive but k?

Oh my! How did I not notice this?! :see_no_evil: It’s even harder than I thought! The backwards one does use all of the letters. :slight_smile:

Now I’m even more intrigued to see what you all can come up with…

Okay… I really wanted Yquem and Zweigelt as the last two words, but instead this non wine one… it is not about wine writers or community members I promise…

Anachronistic bullshit could derange enemies, friends.
Good hope is jaded.
Klaxons loud making no obvious point, question, response.
Still, today’s unabashed, vain warriors xerox yammering zeitgeist.

I do apologise.


LOVE this!! Full of energy and fire! :smiley: :clap:

Last one from me I promise, one for TWS…

Approaching beverage crisis.
Distilled eye-openers, fermented goodies hiatus impending.
Jagged karma looming.
My next order poses questions.
Requesting Stevenage to unleash vans with Xarel-lo, Yquem, Zweigelt.


This is my FAVOURITE ONE!!! Bravo. The bar has been raised…


Anyone who can include Xarel-lo, Yquem and Zweigelt in one sentence is deserving of respect! Well done, it’s brilliant! :smiley:


A community influenced pangram…

Amazing boozy community
Disclosing everyone’s favourite guzzlers
Happy imbibers joining knowledge liberally
Members neverendingly opening, passionately quenching, ready supplies
Tremendous unbounded value with xinomavro, yquem, zinfandel.


You guys are GOOD! :clap: :clap:

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Had to give @Herbster his Yellowtail.

Any body could drink Evian fizz. Give Herbster impromptu juice. Keep loving marmite nose in prime quality Riedel stems. trumps ucco valley wine xept yellowtail Zalto.


I absolutely hadn’t noticed this, so apologies and great spot.
Of course, there’s a long history of deliberately introduced imperfections in great works for fear of offending the gods…eg

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He might be a member of Oulipo and allergic, like Georges Perec, to 'e’s . Oh, no. there are tons of 'e’s in his contribution. To be true to it, he’d also have to do every word sans ‘e’. Which would be a bit of a challenge.