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Pairing suggestions please

I’m making this tonight. Nigel slater’s Seared Fillet of Beef with mint and mustard dressing and a red salad.
He says he served a chilled Gamay but I don’t have one. Any suggestions please?


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Hmm…not sure, this looks more like a cold beef recipe and the suggestion of Gamay supports that.

If it was to be claret, I’d want a fairly low tannin one. More inclined to go down a Pinot Noir route, or even Loire red…or an Austrian red maybe?

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Oh, @MarkC, you’re thoughtful.

My reaction is, as with all food & wine matching - just open what you like.

There’s no right or wrong, it’s just a matter of taste. My taste is for claret. :smiley:

@drsbwilliams doesn’t have Gamay, but didn’t say what he/she/they do have. The implication is not to buy a wine especially for the dish otherwise Gamay could be obtained.


Quite. Knowing the alternatives would help.

But just to play along and be inventive, I think a Gewurztraminer would work

I agree that knowing the available wine would help, and also that the sweetness and spiciness of a Gewurz would work too.

yeah depends what you’ve got in. If you were round my place I’d get out one of my Trinity Hill Hawkes Bay syrahs;

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Might a dry riesling work?

If that’s a cold beef recipe with quite fresh flavours, I’d fancy a red you can serve cool, ideally with strawberry flavours to go with the mint. Maybe the grignolino or pelaverga from the current list?

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Along the same lines as gamay, pinot noir would suit I think.

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An off-dry one ideally I think, as they often are in Alsace

Thanks All. It’s a fair point about the options so our stash at the moment included these…

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The Cab Franc should work, and you can chill it just a smidgen. The PN will work well too, I reckon. But looks like you have got a Gamay anyway (the Bojo-villages)…?


Montepulciano served cool but not chilled - do the Italian carpaccio of beef ‘thing’ - and the wine just minor, keep the beef dish front and centre. The curve ball is the mint / mustard in the sauce…becomes rather Scandinavian Smorgasbord.

So what did you choose in the end?