Painted Wolf case

A new mixed case has gone up containing 6 of Jeremy Borgs award winning wines.
His wines offer great drinkability and value for money so I’m definitely in for a case at £79.
Also, I do personally know Jeremy, and Painted wolf have suffered hugely because of Covid and South Africa’s prohibition so if you can help by purchasing please do.
He is a small winemaker making sustainable wines on a number of sites throughout South Africa.
The Painted Wolf Dog Box Case - Bestsellers - Popular - Offers - The Wine Society


There has been discussion about organic, sustainable, earth-friendly identification on the TWS website and in the list.
Perhaps we now need a new indicator, the distress index to show how much a producer has lost sales or struggled due to closed restaurants, lockdowns, forest fires, droughts, alcohol sale bans etc?


Done! I have tried about half of his wines and look forward to trying these. Jeremy is passionate about his wines and his conservation project, and is well worth supporting. His Pictus and Guillermo Pinotage are my favourites and both represent great VFM.

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Just a heads up, Jeremy will be on the Meet the winemaker on May 17th, you can sign up HERE!!
Would highly recommend joining in for the tasting and the mixed case above is still in stock :wink:!
EDIT: I had to change the URL on the link as it had changed… how odd,

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Mines just arrived :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: