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Paid subscriptions to wine websites


I don’t currently subscribe to any wine websites but am contemplating paying for access to Decanter Premium and/or Jancis. But I’m also interested to hear positives/negatives about any other sites people here subscribe to. So, do you subscribe (in a paying way) to any of the below?

  • Decanter Premium
  • Decanter Magazine
  • JancisRobinson
  • Drinkrhone
  • Wine-searcher Pro
  • Wine Spectator
  • JamesSuckling
  • Vinous
  • RobertParker
  • MatthewJukes
  • Something else not listed above

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And what do you like/dislike about the site?


I forgot to add Burghound!


Currently contemplating Decanter Premium.
I currently subscribe to winefront.com.au which is great but finding I use it less and less. Think it’s $48 AUD per year so pretty cheap.
Decanter premium at £75 is quite a lot more and not really sure I agree with many of their reviews or think their content is that great but that would be the one I would lean towards. Maybe I should start with the magazine as that’s a bit cheaper?


Also forgot “NOTA”*

  • None of the above


I was going to say :slight_smile:

I like Burghound and DrinkRhone, they both offer a wealth of very specific knowledge. Also Jancis for more general knowledge (I usually do a months subscriptions around EP campaigns).


The NOTA people are dead to me as they cannot unveil the mysteries of the magical worlds beyond the paywalls.


I have a subscription to Decanter magazine- I am old fashioned, and prefer a physical object rather than an on-line mag (plus, hate reading from a screen for prolonged periods); I really enjoy it. Like you- I don’t always agree with their reviews, but that’s part and parcel of reading about something so subjective. I do like some of the regular features (weekday wines under £30, and interviews with producers), and love Andrew Jeffords’ editorials. I got it as a present, so have no idea how much it cost, but will continue membership once the gift period is over- so will find out soon enough :wink: .
I’m also considering a subscription to Wine Spectator (mag, rather than on-line). Would love to hear people’s feedback about it.


I also like the Decanter articles more than the big collections of scores, so don’t see much advantage in getting Premium over the normal magazine subscription. Although the wonderful Jefford on Monday is of course free for all readers online, and is surely the best bit!


Agreed! The man writes like a poet! :heart_eyes:


Yes agree re: the Jefford Monday article. Makes Monday’s at work much more tolerable!


I actually just bought the book he recommended in yesterday’s article. There is nothing that man couldn’t sell to me…


Haha, went straight on my amazon wishlist as well. Going to ask the wife for it for Xmas I think.


Ha Ha! If there is one thing that bores me senseless is geology! So I’m torn as to whether I should invest in this book… :thinking:


I actually find it fascinating! There’s something so wonderful about being able to read the history of a landscape via the composition and depth etc of the strata of the soil. But I’m probably influenced by watching a lot of Time Team when I was about 11.


I can see the appeal- and I understand, cognitively at least, the beauty of reading time and history in the soil. I just can’t connect with the subject emotionally. As soon as someone like Neil Oliver starts yaddering about the soil in the Orkneys, and what the layers are showing, I just switch off :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:
Human history… now that’s another story (quite literally)! :heart_eyes:


I made the mistake of subscribing to Decanter magazine online only. For me it’s proven a total waste of money. I just consistently forget that I have access, and reading a magazine via an app on my iphone is not good. The content might be great, but the user experience is so bad I just haven’t bothered. I won’t be renewing.


Surprised JebDunnuck.com was not included.
Jeb is a huge Rhone fan and was the Wine Advocate chief taster following the retirement of Robert Parker. After a number of years in this role, he left setting up his own website a year ago.

He has in that time written up Rhone 2015, 863 wines from 314 producers
Rhone 2016, 1071 wines from 308 producers
Bordeaux 2015, 570 wines from 503 producers
Bordeaux 2017 512 wines from 403 producers

As well as Napa, Washington State, Oregon and California.
And Port, Champagne and so much more.
And he will reply to an email enquiry in my experience, in double quick time. So very accessible! Not all reviewers are.
Lots of info and not afraid to stick his neck out, which I applaud.
Some reviewers compress their scores so much that it becomes almost impossible to sort the wheat from the chaff, or publish late which is no use to me.
For me, Marcel, J L-L (DrinkRhone.com) and Jeb cover The Rhone with aplomb.
Also Neal Martin, Antonio Galloni (vinous.com) and Jeb plus the WS notes do Bordeaux perfectly.

For everything else, one doffs one’s Sherlock hat 'cos the info is out there, you just have to be THAT interested to track it down. An it can be for free if you know where to look!?!


We use Jancis Robinson. 2nd only to the Wine Soc info in my opinion.Very interesting comments on many wines from around the world. It must be hard job!
She has just introduced a wine glass. £70 each!! Rather spend that amount on wine.

We tend to focus on French, Italian and Spanish wines. Although have been known to try Greek and Turkish. Buy mostly from Wine Soc, with occasional forays into Waitrose when Macon Lugny Les Charmes is on offer.


@Bargainbob Might be worth giving them a call - if I remember correctly there isn’t much cost differential between the online and paper versions and they may be able to switch the rest of your subscription over?

My only paid subscription is for the print edition of Decanter and on the whole I do like it. Don’t always agree with some of the reviews, but as someone mentions above the subject matter is, erm subjective!


I think I originally bought my subscription to Decanter magazine on a special offer - certainly most magazines have regular offers. As far as I can see the online Decanter premium articles tend to turn up in the following month’s magazine.