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Packaging for shipping wine



I am looking to ship some wine, can someone recommend boxes or packaging for 12 or 24 bottles?

Thank you


I’d ask the shipper if they supply boxes - that way if anything goes wrong they can’t blame the box!


I wonder if TWS would consider selling you a number of their boxes?


I’m sure I’ve read here that TWS would sell you some boxes. But while they are fine for delivery people that show normal levels of care, I am not sure they are sturdy enough for the gorillas employed by many shipping companies. Imagine if one were thrown or dropped from a height of 6 feet for example. A company called wbc sells a range of wine shippers:
I would use ones with polystyrene inserts, with blow-up polythene inserts (if they can be used without special equipment), or ones with extra internal cardboard reinforcement.

You could also improvise with extra layers of carboard and bubble-wrap I suppose. I might also be tempted to do that if I had the materials lying around. (But as it happens I have a spare polystyrene shipper, so actually I would probably use that!)


@pred02 If you can get to me in St Albans you are welcome to a DHL wine packer that shipped wine by air from South Africa to me. Its a thick cardboard box with polystyrene insert that has holes for wine.

Not only secure but heat/cold/humidity protection