Oxford Restaurant for Valentine's Day Lunch

I am planning to attend The Wine Society’s Burgundy wine tasting, in Oxford, on Valentine’s Day. I am not really familiar with the restaurant scene, in Oxford, so am seeking recommendations from the learned members of this forum for somewhere that I can take Mrs T for a Valentine’s Day lunch. Quality of the food is the priority, although ambience would be a bonus. Not necessarily looking for Le Manoir standards or prices but it would be good to show Mrs T how much I appreciate her. We both particularly enjoy French and South East Asian cuisines but are open to other suggestions.

Thanks, in advance, for any recommendations that you can come up with.


unfortunately, Pierre Victorie and Arbequina are shut on a Tuesday. But there is #1 Ship Street, which is very pleasant for a leisurely lunch.

Bit more for the Boathouse, but very nice

there are a lot of little independent places that are excellent though, both down Cowley Road, and the Jericho area


I’d second the Boathouse, if it were summer, but it might be a little bleak in Feb.? Not ideal season for punting. Ship Street is more convenient. I’ve never tried the restaurant at the Ashmolean, but it must have a good view.

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Agree with No 1 Ship St. Also Gee’s would be a safe choice, especially if the tasting is in north Oxford. However I haven’t been for a long time. May score better on ambience than quality these days.


The Ashmolean restaurant view is good. I would not myself go to Cote as I find it rather noisy.

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Thank you @Petsco, @SPmember, @Jimmybob, @ken99 for some great suggestions. I will have a look at their menus today, although I note that the Boathouse is closed for Tuesday lunches, so unfortunately, this won’t be an option.

Thank you again.

Edit: Just checked and looks like The Boathouse is actually open for lunch, on Valentine’s Day, so still an option. Thanks again.


The Bank or the Old Parsonage have very good food and service.


I live in Oxford and I’ve been fairly disappointed by most of the places mentioned. Pierre Victoire, for example, is frankly poor, and the Cherwell Boathouse irregular in the extreme (and no longer has the fabulous wine cellar finds of the past!)

I like Arbequina a lot. But it’s closed on Tuesdays, as mentioned, and quite informal and hipstery in ambience.

Another possibility might be Oli’s Thai, at the deli on Magdalen Rd. But you’d have to eat outside. No alcohol, but they MAY well allow you to BYO.

Haven’t eaten at the Old Parsonage for many years.

Zheng in Walton Street is a possibility for S E Asian food, though again very variable. Corkage is possible.

Oxford isn’t a great place to eat out, of course.

Maybe see you at the tasting!

Oli’s Thai shut 11 months ago

and I like PV; the lunchtime set menu is good value. But everyone’s opinion is different of course.

Depends what you want in a restaurant at lunch I guess. And incidental; it’s still shut on a Tuesday

Once upon a time people used to queue in the rain to get into Brown’s.:smiley:

Probably not what you’re looking for though.

The restaurant, yes. But the food is still available at lunchtime in the deli, and you can eat it at the tables outside. But yeah, probably not Tuesday.