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OWC in short supply?


Wooden cases are a nuisance.

I’ve just had to find a precision instrument to disassemble my latest OWC in order to put it in the rubbish wheelie.

Photo of precision instrument below:-


I use it as kindling for my woodburner

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This OWC arrived today as part of my delivery in a bright red TWS van. Nice simple sliding lid. Not a nail or staple in sight.


I needed a different precision tool allied with brute force to remove the lid, so I envy your lid.

However the sides and base of the box don’t separate as easily

All a bit of a first world problem. Not encouraging to see them ship wood all the way from France to Chile to ship the wine back to France again. Hopefully the bottles aren’t unnaturally heavy too.

I enjoyed that wine

That does look very appealing and screams ‘a touch of quality’, but not the most efficient use of resources or space in a limited cellar. Both cardboard boxes I had with the Greek wines delivered recently were excellent designs, being noticeably smaller than the normal 6 bottle boxes with 3 bottles top & bottom.

There is, allegedly, a shortage of cardboard boxes as well.

If everybody packing wine made cardboard boxes like the Greeks there’d be a lot more cardboard available!!!

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There are regulations about the maximum thickness for the wood in wine (or any other) cases. Above that and there are phytosanitary issues as well as being potentially outlawed.

I have always been careful opening my wooden cases and any surplus to requirements I sell. They can go on eBay or my local auctioneer will take them if there are a few to go. Depending on age and wine you can think of £5-£10 a case.

There are post brexit phytosanitary issues - as well as the general issues going on with freight, there is also a shortage of fumigated pallets, and I presume that OWCs would also need to be fumigated before transfer across the customs union border