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Overseas Delivery Options


I currently live overseas in Singapore, and have several cases coming to the end of the drinking windows, stored in my WS reserves.
It would be great to see some international delivery options. I imagine these to be sky high (not the WS’s fault) but if the wine is good enough, then it might be worth it.
Any chances of making this happen?

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Have you priced a courier @PhilDabrowski? I know TWS deliver to the south of Ireland but I’m unsure whether they do elsewhere . It may be worth doing a live chat to member services to find out what your options are :wink:.


I assume you already know these details @PhilDabrowski?


Thanks @robert_mcintosh

Will make some enquiries. Would still love to see some price options and examples on the website though.

The process still seems rather complicated compared with ordering a product from say Amazon.


Sorry it seems complicated, @PhilDabrowski - it is very complex, depending on whether the wine is shipped in bond or duty paid, which country we’re shipping to, express / air / sea service, lead time required, quantities shipped. Even within a country it varies depending on the courier you use and where in the country it’s going, so we sometimes shop around.

I regularly send wine to Italy from here, and the price is different every time. Would be difficult to provide accurate options / examples which is why we ask members to email or call.

I guess the sheer volume game of Amazon will enable them to win on some / lose on some shipments, and it likely all comes out in the wash. We do this kind of thing pretty infrequently, and so don’t have the scale.