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Overenthusiastic buying; problem or blessing?


you sir are a genius !



You need to host parties!

That was my plan anyway, but then I’ve found that the friends you want to invite also have wine stashes they need help with … :smile:


Opposite over here… NONE of my friends have wine stashes but love nothing better than popping over to help diminish my supplies :face_with_raised_eyebrow:! Won’t spend anything north of £7 on a supermarket wine but will splash out over £100 for a bottle of standard cuvée on a night out :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:! There is no logic .


That £7 ceiling rings so true !

"we didn’t bring anything with us as we knew you’d only be disappointed by our choice’’.

As they get stuck into a £10 supermarket chardonnay they could have easily sourced themselves.


I wish I had friends like yours !


@Embee @Leah the people coming over were a very specific sub set of the friend circle :wink::wink:


Some people have been trained to bring dessert. We all have a better time that way.


I think some of you need to adopt my friend selection methodology based on WSET level 2 written papers and a three wine blind tasting. Soon sorts the wheat from the chaff :grin:


I suspect that the majority of members buy most of their wines in the under £12 bracket. There are 230 red wines under £12 in the current printed list.
I suspect the problem with buying too much wine like anything else is an obsession. Men in particular have a colecting obsession. Some people -its a tendency of mine-just accumulate anything, cant throw it away.
The problem with buying too much wine is as some else has already remarked you can only drink so much of it. Before you got anywhere near that limit one would be suffering the health consequences of over drinking. I suspect that some people just like colecting the bottles with their interesting labels. So perhaps its about colecting wine labels .


I agree with this. Wine enthusiasts, particularly male ones I suspect, are no different to those with other obsessional hobbies - and I think the drinking of wine sometimes becomes secondary to absorption in everything involved in building a collection.


Beg to differ… :grinning:

I’m positively bordering on the obsessional, boring the husband and daughter to tears with wine talk/wine purchases related to wine talk/ wine books and lists… I think women traditionally weren’t perhaps encouraged to have hobbies - but we can be as obsessional and single minded as the next guy… :blush:


Fair enough! Yes, it is a good point that traditional gender roles still contribute to men being afforded the greater time at leisure to pursue such things.