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Oven chips

Any recommendations on the best oven chips?
The kids want dirty fries.

Got to be McCain’s frozen French fries. The ‘crispy’ ones. Unbeatable.



Snap - that is exactly what I was going to say.

With mayonnaise - which has stirred into it some garlic (ok… lots of garlic) gently roasted until caramelised but not burned or bitter.


McCains also do gourmet chips which are very good but you need to drain off the fat halfway through cooking. I think they are called gastro pub chips


Yeah these are the best. Always have them with steak. Never drain off the fat tho :rofl:



Aunt Bessies, closley followed by McCain.

Tell you what, depending on what size chip you want, French fry or Chunky, for Chunky chips get ones in Beef Dripping, Sainsbury TTD Triple Cooked or Iceland’s dripping coated.

I have less knowledge of French Fry types.

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Nice. I like both Mayo and Ketchup with them (not mixed together, like some do, though)

I’ll have to try these, some time. They seem to have dripping, too, which I find better than other oven chips.

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Ooo these are great too. Bigger bag than mccain tho - good, but i find the former the perfect size for two.


With burgers we’ve settled on these:

Thanks for the suggestions!
I’m in the French Fries camp.
Triple cooked are basically mini roast potatoes.
Did you know that McDonalds chips are triple cooked.

I’m a chilli mayonnaise man myself but I see where you’re coming from


They’re in the basket for the next Ocado order, thanks! I knew this place was bad for the wine wallet, didn’t think it would hit the grocery bill too.

I’ve now realised M&S do a triple cooked chip in beef dripping for about a third more, I might need to try those…



Hold the front page Nigella to the rescue…


They look very interesting. Worth a go I reckon.

That does look interesting, but I suspect only as an occasional experiment - I can’t be bothered with the faff of deep frying at home when there are decent oven chips about. About three times a year I’ll do tempura prawns & green beans using an excellent tempura batter mix, also from Ocado I think, but that’s as much responsibility for large pans of hot oil as I’m prepared to take on.

On the oven chips theme, has anybody had any success achieving crispy sweet potato wedges. I’ve tried soaking in water and dredging in cornflour, which is OK, but far from perfect.


There’s a thread on wine pages forum somewhere about the ‘correct’ method for making and cooking chips. Now that thread did get all one armed culinary press ups.

I use Sainsbury’s taste the difference and about once a year make proper chips.

The thing I find about chips is they are so delicious in theory and so lardy in practice.

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The Albert Bartlett ones. Total ocado convert of several years but still make occasional Waitrose orders, mostly for these chips.

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Just tried this as part of a treat dinner for the three year old (not using a whole kilo…). He eats better than us sometimes, having just informed me that the end offcut of fillet from the butcher is “tasty, can I have it again another weekend?”. Only if they continue to charge rump steak prices for it my lad.

Tasty, not too greasy, possibly needs a slightly higher oil temperature. Not enough flavour through from the herbs - will use more next time or possibly make rosemary salt. Decent overall recipe though, passes the test to be cooked for adults!


Were they crispy?
I may have to invest in a cooking thermometer!