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Outrageous godello skulduggery


I was just looking for Gaba do Xil Godello which is a delicious wine, but can’t find it on the site. I’m sure it was there recently, wasn’t it? Am I cracking up? In fact I can’t find any godello at all, and there definitely used to be some. Has it all gone?

What chance I wonder of wines being tagged with “low stock” when supplies are running low? I find it disconcerting when they just disappear.


In fact I now see that Godello is not even on the list of grape varieties. Very odd!


Can only think it’s recent popularity has created shortage. Prices to rise !
The Sainsbury’s taste the difference version is an acceptable alternative. But perhaps it’s time to give Portuguese Encruzado a spin.


I experienced a similar crisis with this:

I bought a bottle in January, loved it, but when I went back for more found it sold out…this didn’t seem likely as I’d had a couple of cases in my basket the day before this change of status etc

It never disappeared entirely from the site so is not exactly the same.

Today (yesterday?) I saw it on my wishlist as suddenly back into stock!

I’ve immediately bought a case fearing a repeat performance; what I wonder though is why it couldn’t be flagged as due back in, as other wines have been?


See p413 of ‘wine Grapes’ J Robinson et al.