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Organic wine identification


For some years I have tried to make organic wines a significant proportion of my purchases. However it was only recently that I realised that TWS had an organic identifier for such wines. A pity it is a big block letter ‘O’ as I think the leaf symbol would be preferable but be that as it may.
I wonder if I missed it because some wines are organic but not identified as such,
For example:
RH41921, surely all Mas de Libian wines are organic?
RH47901, marked as organic in the list but not in the 2016 Rhône offer (ERFEB18).
Assuming I am right on the above wines, are there any others missing identification?


Quite a few wines are almost organic, but don’t go the final hog to get certified as it’s too expense for small producers (so they say). You’d have to google the winery website to see their
actual practices.


…and some, like Chapoutier, Zind Humbrecht and Josmeyer go beyond that and become biodynamic.


Indeed, Mas de Libian has been biodynamic since 2005.
However, TWS did not identify this in their latest list.