Ordering wine at a Wine Society event

Can I ask if anybody here has had a similar problem of ordering wine at a Wine Society tasting?

I recently ordered some and would like my card to be used (i’m sure I indicated this) - Without fail over multiple orders it consistently gets put down as a DD. I contacted the members services specifically to amend the DD to a card payment, which happened, but then not for the first time I get DD’d for the same payment afterwards as the instruction wasn’t cancelled. Whilst this for me hasn’t suddenly put me into any issues with my bank balance as the payment wasn’t that high, if I’d ordered more it could have.

I wouldn’t normally have a gripe about these things in public as it’s really an admin thing, but it’s clearly not been picked up when I’ve mentioned it on the phone and by email and hoped that some sort of public viewing of this may jog things along. I’m sorry if it was a genuine error as I’m sure the team did not mean for any confusion, but it’d be nice to have had it addressed the first time it happened, let alone multiple times afterwards.

@laura Whoever is currently in charge of the events team, please can the form be more explicit and address this as i don’t really want to have double payments docked from my account in future!

On a more positive note, I have just noticed an american mixed fine pinot case, which I think will be on it’s way to me - looks lush! :slight_smile:

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Ouch! this sounds very irritating! I hate payments taken twice (I’m talking about you Southern Water!!) - even in error.

One thing you could do - if you haven’t already - is change your default on your payment profile from DD to ‘card’. We done that a couple of times when we wanted to pay by a card, and haven’t had problem with this, though we usually pay by DD. I wonder if - when you order over the phone, or via the post (especially after a TWS event, as you mention) - the system still picks up the ‘default’ payment method?

I might be talking complete bull, but thought it’s worth mentioning.

I will certainly check that @Inbar, thank you for pointing that out. I hate being a ‘local newspaper whinger’ about these things - I just thought if stating it on the order form that should be how it’s done…it was just a bit of exasperation how it happened multiple times.

I do find it odd that when I have a credit on my account (due to a corked bottle) it is not automatically deducted from my next order. My balance will show any order due less credit owing but when the dd is paid it does not take the credit. I have to actively “opt in” to use the credit on my next order and it only works with a card payment. Not a major issue for me as I will always have stuff I want to buy!


I had a similar query when I paid for an order using DD - as a credit I had available was not used; I was told by member services that “unfortunately when placing orders via the Internet credits cannot be offset when paying by direct debit” - so perhaps it’s the way the system is set up whereby a generated DD payment can’t take credit into account, whereas a manual entry - e.g. a card, can bypass that.

Hi @Nowt_in_my_glass,
Firstly, we clearly owe you an apology - this isn’t acceptable, especially with it happening more than once. You absolutely should not have more than one payment being taken for the same order - I’m really very sorry about that.
The more positive news is we’re aware of ongoing issues with Direct Debits in general, and action is already being taken to improve this. There should be more info on this communicated early in the new year.
For now, though, I’m going to make sure the Tastings team and Member Services see this post to see if they can come up with a more immediate fix for you to prevent this happening again - I’ll get them to contact you privately if they need to sort anything out on your share.
If anyone else has similar issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Member Services too - we take issues with payments/your account very seriously indeed and we’d be happy to help!
Best wishes,


Hi @laura no need for an apology, as i said it’s one of those silly admin things. I’ve spoken to members services who have cleared up the matter, it must have been a default thing to go to dd.

Many thanks, I really appreciate you addressing it so quickly. I just get so giddy ordering on the night of the tasting :slight_smile:


Hah! I bet you do.

New wine tasting joy + a few midweek glasses + Tasty discount = Dangerous order territory

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I don’t think we know how lucky we are having the level of service we do from TWS members services. Been dealing today with the wrong item delivered by an online retailer starting with Boo and ending with hoo - nightmare. No phone number. Email only. Basically no customer service and I end up with all the administration and hassle sorting out their mistake. Progress???


Absolutely! I literally bore everyone i know with a wine society sermon and they look at me a bit funny how some likes their wine merchant quiiiiite so much. Austin the delivery driver is my personal hero in life and every single customer service person I’ve spoken to is so brilliantly professional and considerate. I don’t want to lose perspective, a small niggle is incomparable to the daily gold we get from the society :heart: