Order confirmation enhancement request

When an order is confirmed by email, and in the confirmation on the website, can we please be given the delivery slot details? Currently we get only the day, and that is in a cryptic form added to the delivery instructions.

I have a delivery tomorrow, and I believe ths slot starts at 08:30, but I have no way of confirming it now.

It’s another issue, but for me I also notice I have now lost the ability to request am or pm deliveries from TWS vans - something I miss.

Thank you for listening!

I know what you mean, although my experience is that the initial confirmation is only the day, but I have had an email some days before confirming a slot which is usually a couple of hours width…however… the first time they did this for me late last year the slot was 1.30 to 3.30pm and the van drew up at 7.45am. They rejigged the whole route at short notice and the email confirming this arrived 2 hours after the WS van had been!!

Fortunately I was both in and up! Overall, I’m not convinced it’s better than the previous method.


A 2hr slot would be nice, and I used to get those confirmed - on the day I think - but for TWS vans only.

However, above I was merely asking for the info on the booking form - the earliest and latest possible times of delivery. I think mine was 8:30 to 17:30, but cannot be sure. Times for the TWS van were slightly different.

TWS routes got a new system last year which changed it all:


For my last TWS van delivery, on a Wednesday, I received both an e-mail and text msg confirmation on the Monday afternoon with a 2 1/2 hour delivery window.

I’ve only had one TWS delivery outside the given time slot, and that was about an hour early.

Try living where I live; lucky if I can even predict the day! However I’m not complaining, unlike many at least TWS don’t hit me with a Highlands surcharge!