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Order Complete page's red box looks like a failed order


This is a small UX thing that catches me every time I make an order…

After submitting an order, the Order Complete page has a red box saying ‘Thank you. Your order details have now been processed.’ The fact that a submitted order is followed by a page with a big red box always gives me the initial impression that the order has failed. The first time I almost went back to retry.

Switching the background colour of this box to match the other boxes on the page would make for a far better user experience!

Or is this just me? :sweat_smile:


Haha yes my wife and I always say that. We actually say ‘ERROR WITH ORDER’ out loud every time. We’re sad like that


Anyone else failing to get the promised email confirmations? I know now to save the final page of my order, so I have a record of the wines, amount, delivery date, etc., and eventually it appears on line under orders in my account, but it is worrying not to get an acknowledgement.


Hm! I wonder if they got your correct email? I always get a confirmation email, without a fail! Worth checking, maybe…?


Me too I’ve always received the confirmation email. I’d check with customer services if I was you.


I have experienced some delay between the order online and the email.
But not beyond 1 day…


I have checked; they do have my email. As I said, it is only for recent orders that it has failed.
All they could say was the normal reply that it might be in my junk box. As I deliberately don’t keep a junk file, this was not a helpful suggestion.


Ah, but does your ISP have a junk box for you?

When Virgin switched to using Google for email services I was annoyed to find out that it automatically and without warning started spam filtering, which meant that some important stuff was not getting through. And it was a PITA to figure out how to turn it off too.


no, it doesn’t. This is a problem only for TWS, and it is a new one.