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Opus One 2015



Offer out via email. At £300 a bottle though makes the likes of Monte Bello appear a bargain!


Opus: one, Inbar: zero :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


15% abv, that must be a bit higher than normal.

I’m sure it’s a lovely wine, but for the money I’d rather have twice as much Monte bello if looking at the US, or to be honest pay a bit more and go for 1st growth BDX.


Was just about to order a case then saw the 15%. Damn, over my limit!


There is a greek restaurant in Florida which is one of my favourite places to eat in the world. Both the lamb chops and veal chop are works of art.

The place is ridiculously busy, no bookings allowed, and depending upon time of year you can queue for an hour before you get a table.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is that, although it is not a high end fine dining restaurant, they do have Opus One on the wine list. I’ve never ordered it as I’ve never ordered a wine that expensive, but it always stuck me as reasonably priced for a restaurant.

Not sure what vintage they are serving as it’s not on the online menu but it is there at $330. Factor in the exchange rate and it looks like a steal.


I still can’t see myself ordering it next time I am there!