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Open for orders, with some changes

Firstly, my experience is that there is always a bit of a delay when putting them into reserves. 2-3 weeks seems quite normal. May be longer right now.

Secondly, my own issue related to wines bought after a tasting, which are on a special code to reflect the discount if bought within a week or so after the event. It was an inexperienced member of staff who took the order and I think that’s where it arose. The special code hadn’t been made available at that point so I had to phone the order as couldn’t do it online. I’m still not sure if the wines had been allocated to me or not in that case, but I did get them in the end, though it took a few emails/calls.

It could be that yours are still part of the backlog issue, as the wine will presumably still have to be moved from general stock to reserves. If it were me, I’d contact them rather than re-ordering.

thanks for your explanation, your case sounds slightly different indeed.

But my issue is not a simple “delayed transfer to reserves”.
I have bought some other wines to be transferred to reserves after the reopening in April, and these do appear in My Order history and in My Wines , while not yet in My reserves. Also they were properly charged to me.

The 14 March wines only appear in my order history and were not charged to my credit card yet. so that’s why I fear they may have not been set aside for my order and could get out of stock.

I think that you definitely need to contact Member Services. My recent order hasn’t appeared in Reserves, but is in My Order History and My Wines. It hasn’t been charged to me yet though, but I think that only happens when it goes into reserves. Are you absolutely sure it’s not in My Wines? Use the search filters to ensure it narrows it down.

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I have the same issue in relation to two orders from 14 and 21 March. I spoke with Member Services today and they said that there was a backlog in processing deliveries into reserves because they are prioritising the delayed actual deliveries first, but I was assured that the wine had notionally been set aside so that it could not run out. Fingers crossed!


But did they show up in your « my wines » section ?

update on my situation : I sent on monday an email to member services explaining my situation (orders placed in march, wines not showing in my wines nor in my reserves where I have asked them to be placed, not charged yet for the wines)

Yesterday, I received a non-personalized email telling me: that I will not get a reply to my email request, but that if I still had a question, I could re-submit another email with my question… that sounds like the definition of insanity :astonished:

I called the Member services, asking to know exactly what was going on.
The person told me that there was some backlog, but that the wines were allocated to me… so they should appear … someday…
I insisted to know if I should reorder in case something goes wrong , cause I have ordered some different wines for my reserves since and these did show up in my wines … not needed she said… she guaranteed I was allocated the wines, not to worry…

Today, the wines I ordered in march and enquired about have gone out of stock… :worried:
I truly hope the wine society will not disappoint me on this.


My purchase for transfer to Reserves 2 weeks ago still hasn’t made it there either, although I appreciate that yours is a fair bit further back in time. It’s showing in My Wines though. If yours definitely isn’t showing there, that might be an issue. Have you checked that again?

checked, re-checked, and re-re-checked, and called them about my purchase not showing in my wines, and then still checking on a daily basis…

at this point, it is wait and see… :sweat:

That doesn’t sound great. Have you asked them why it’s not showing in ‘My Wines’? Feel free to quote my case if you want. FWIW I don’t think I’ve been charged for mine yet either.

the person on the phone said there was some backlog and that it needed time to be cleared because my order was put in just before the covid shutdown.
when I asked why later orders did appear in my wines, she said something along the lines that the backlog is not filled in historical order… :worried:

anyway, wait and see … and check everyday…

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I have a similar issue so it would seem it not an isolated case which maybe offers some hope for us. There are 2 cases I bought 6 weeks ago that have not yet been added to my reserves (and not showing in my wines) but a case bought on 6 March is showing in reserves. Have contacted MS but no response as yet. :grimacing:

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ah! let’s wait and hope together then :sunglasses:

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nothing appearing yet…

Same here…

Hoping for wine to be delivered… the awful challenges some folk face.

am I detecting some sarcasm and contempt here …?

Received a nice update from member services today, confirming that the wines are reserves but caught in the backlog as we suspected:

"We can confirm that the two slightly later orders were caught up in the temporary closure of the business.

Transfers to Reserves are usually undertaken within a few days but an unprecedented level of orders, both for delivery and transfer, has caused a severe delay in this process.

We currently have over 700 orders awaiting transfer but are confident that this exercise will be completed within the next two weeks.

The wines are reserved for you and will be showing in your account as soon as possible."


ok, just to let you know that my “forgotten” orders have just appeared in"My Reserves", under the " Awaiting transfer to reserves" part :hugs:

My apologies to the wine society for having doubted you! :hugs:


Mine too… told you not to panic…too much!

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