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Online wine tasting kits

For my sins and passion for wine, I have been volunteered to do an online wine tasting for a group of people. Its a bit challenging to do virtually as we have a budget and got to get people the wines, wondering if there are small bottle kits set up for this purpose. Also any slides I can reuse?

I know Ocado etc have 375ml bottles but those wines are a bit rubbish or for cooking.


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If you don’t mind me asking, what is your budget?

Hi. I think about £30 per person. Thanks

My work arranged one in the summer. They contacted Planeta winery and they kindly did a presentation for us. We had all the wines delivered to offices by a uk shop (I forget which one) to offices in Geneva, Jersey and London. From memory the cost was just that of the wine and the supplier gave us a small discount for the bulk order and it was around £30/£35 a head.

I don’t know if this is possible but I would imagine that it wouldnt be too much effort to recreate with another producer depending on the number of people involved. It would also make your life a lot easier.

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Thanks. The challenge is we are all 10-12 people
working from home.

I’ve done a couple of work ones, and regularly do friends ones.

I do it all myself through TWS. The budget we have is about £40 - £45 each I think. but of course you have to factor in the postage.

The work budgets are a bit higher - in fact I did one last night and it £75 each , to get the free delivery.

I pick the theme, chose the wines and get it all organised. It’s not a chore because its wine :slight_smile:


I was at Tring Winery the other weekend and started chatting about their tastings.

These guys do mail-out tasting packs for all of mainland UK, prepared under inert gas, single-serve sizes. I think he said they are £25 per person including postage for their normal tastings, but you can hire a sommelier for £100 for an hour to host the session if you want something bespoke. I’d give them a call and see if you can work something out. They tweeted they were in Harpers last month, the headline looks good, but the article is restricted without subscription
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We’ve done a couple of their online tastings including one that came by post - it was really well packaged and the wines were great.

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How far away are all the people? Is collection possible? We’ve done a few tastings where the organiser has used either sauce pots or plastic bottles, and done the pouring themselves - they’ve then been picked up a couple of hours beforehand. Works pretty well if you’re all close enough geographically to do that. Sometimes one person has picked up the wines for everyone in the same village, and acted as a distribution centre.

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Plenty of glass bottle sellers online I’m sure you could pick sample sizes up for 20p per unit… I pay 50p for 1lb honey jars

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I use these medicine bottles, which are very reasonably priced for larger quantities.

They don’t look great, but are very practical. And amber is a good colour for lightstrike!

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Don’t underestimate the time it takes to decant into smaller bottles while keeping track of what’s what, and making sure the wine is fairly divided - especially these days when hygiene is more important than usual.

I can’t remember how much time I used, but I would reckon on an hour for 4 75cl bottles and 4 tasting samples from each. We found that was a good quantity of wine, and number of different wines, for a relatively informal zoom tasting. Oh - forgot to mention - each “tasting sample” was shared by a couple in one location.

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Hi @pred02 can I ask what you went for in the end?

I have also been tasked with something similar, £40 budget per person, c.£500 total. I’m a little reluctant to do the more manual method. Does anyone have any further suggestions on possible companies that might do this or is my budget just too small to be interesting?

I’ve taken part in a few online wine tastings with the Yorkshire Wine School who use Avino

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Thank you, I will take a look.

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I see Amex is offering a Laithwaites tasting kit at £47.94 instead of the usual 90.43. Includes 6 wines. Haven’t looked at details.

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