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Clearly, nothing whatsoever to do with wine. But, hey… embrace the interweb.

Can TWS Members suggest their finest suppliers of online music ?

Background: I work from home and spend many hours looking at a screen 550mm from my eyes, the music helps me ignore my work. Clearly anything BBC is far to intrusive and interesting, ditto anything with adverts (spotify) is to be ignored.

So what do you suggest?

To get the ball rolling: Radio Caroline: pick the highest bandwidth version. Unfortunately they are stuck in a pre-millennium time warp so nothing this century.

Quasar is similar, but seems to be manned by an Artificial intelligence so the music is MUCH more random and far more interesting.

I’d suggest …Tidal


This is a bit of a music/radio time sink, and browsing around the world picking random radio stations is endlessly enjoyable (at least to me).

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Bob Dylan’s radio hour

Several on there not sure if it’s still on bbc

France Musique – Écouter la radio en direct et podcasts (
Many genres including Easy classic, Opera, Baroque, Classic, Jazz, Contemporary, World
NO ADVERTS! just continuous music


Me too.

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Many thanks for the suggestions !

Tidal seems popular - I like the idea of the high bandwidth version 'cos I have some very posh headphones (Focal Professional). The subscription cost is a bit squeeky though, I shall give it a free trial over Crimble.

France Musique I have forwarded to the Fragrant Lady Lapin for brownie points.

Radio Garden is fun and a new one for me ! although I hav’nt figured out how to change the quality / bandwidth. Who knew that Wakefield had an online radio station?

Bob Dylan’s radio hour ?? that’s next up for my delectation and diversion.

Idagio (for classical)

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I have tried most of what has been recommended and prefer Qobuz.
I think much depends on what music system you are using

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I’ve an old hifi … naim nait amp etc I revamped with a streamer and the quality of tidal is fantastic

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I used to spend much more per month on cds.

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My go-to online radio station is KEXP (a US public radio station based in Seattle). A very eclectic musical selection, with an indie/alternative bias; a bit like BBC 6 Music but with a few of its own idiosyncrasies. No adverts (just quarterly pledge drives), a high music:chat ratio and a 14 day rolling archive of shows available.

I primarily listen on catchup to the morning/midday/afternoon shows. The time difference can make listening live a bit jarring: I’d find that the overnight thrash/black/speed metal show (full of songs with names like ‘The Dawn No More Rises’ by Dark Funeral) wasn’t necessarily what I was looking for whilst making coffee on a Sunday morning.


I’ll second that, KEXP is an amazing source for new sounds

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This specific programme is my favourite: Avantgardeyö in Radio Helsinki. Brilliant.

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Another relatively talk-free and high on ‘why I have never heard of this’ French station is FIP FIP – Écouter la radio en direct et les radios thématiques Apparently used to rebroadcast on pirate radio in Brighton (presumably before streaming)? Multiple themed streams in addition to the main channel and never seems repetitive.


Ambient music from Finland… I’m liking that a lot, just what I need to blot out the world while working. Many thanks for the suggestion.

makes a change from my other niche music: Dutch Trance, which is a tad too intrusive.