One handed bottle opener?

Looks like my right hand and arm will be out of action for 2-3 months.

So, how can I open a bottle of wine with just my left?

Both cork and screwcap closed…

By handing someone a quid to do it for you??
Just kidding, sorry to hear and hope it is healing well! Damn ice and snow.
I guess just the old fashioned way… Bottle between your knees and use one hand??
Either that or try a vice grip??

An electric opener might do the trick?

Here’s one from Amazon.

Not too expensive, there are numerous variations on a similar theme. The purists might not approve, but I used one when I had my arm in a sling for a few weeks following shoulder surgery and it got the bottle opened. I found it easier to remove the foil with a knife.

Worth mentioning that a glass or two of vino with some of the stronger painkillers can produce interesting results. Some discretion advised if you are on any of the morphine derivatives.


My parents used one of these and I think it would might work for you.

Ha, ha … love it! Thanks for the suggestion @Rowley_Birkin_II

This, from the description, would DEFINITELY do it for me:

Integrated blue LED lights turn on while the opener is working, creating a stylish and romantic atmosphere

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@JayKay Thanks, but I’ve used these in the past, it’s excellent but you need two hands. One to clamp the ‘collar’ arond the bottle and the other to turn the corkscrew.

@robert_mcintosh or how about this description from another similar device

Designed for families, meeting, a bottle opener electric with foil cutter(at the same time with the base function, do not have to put their brains when placed), wine pourer, vacuum stopper and data cable
SAVING TIME & FASTER: Just need to press the two buttons, you can remove the cork in 8 seconds ,open bottle caps effortlessly, which will help you to keep your elegance and have more time to enjoy wine with your family and friends

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Now that looks useful. Is the one in the link the same as the one you used?

re painkillers - Doc says paracetamol

Not identical, mine used regular batteries, but the same in operation and fundamental design.

The only trick to using it was to exercise caution until the screw was engaged in the cork lest you tip the bottle over. Once the screw is partially in then the bottle stays under control even with your one hand on the device. If removing the foil is tricky simply leave it in place, pull the cork and use your teeth to remove any remaining offending foil … desperate times and all that!
Happy drinking.

Thanks, @Rowley_Birkin_II – ordered!

Style & romance… that’s me. :rofl:

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OK. No worries. My next suggestion would be drinking wines with a screw cap. I’m sure you could fix the bottle between your feet or thighs (the latter for a really good workout​:wink:) for a single handed unscrew, so to speak :blush: As a last resort I do believe the WS sells wine in boxes which presumably come with a tap. You may may need some initial help to set up the box but then a question of placing the glass and pressing the tap! On the other hand maybe just invite friends round for an evening and ask them to open the bottle s for you both for that evening and a few to come​:nerd_face:

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After I broke my wrist last summer I opened bottles by putting the bottle between my feet or knees using the society’s corkscrew.
Screw tops were easier.
Get well soon!

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Oh no! Sorry to hear that, @peterm!
I know they’ve been mentioned here before but there seems to be an even cheaper electric opener on Amazon here if you’re only going to need it for a few weeks.

Hope you feel better soon. :slight_smile:

Thank, @laura but I’ve already ordered the model linked to by @Rowley_Birkin_II

That one is rechargeable so I won’t need to get batteries.


No worries! :smiley: Let us know how you’re getting on with it?!

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As mentioned above, I ordered this and it came when I was in hospital. Last night was first chance to use it on a bottle of claret.

It says it should be charged for 15 hours. It has a stand which the power cable goes into. Unfortunately it has its own connector rather than using a USB cable.

While opener is in cradle the opener emits a bright blue light all the time which will illuminate room and is unpleasant.

The foil cutter that comes with it looks like the Screwpull one but that and others use 4 small sharp rotating discs, this has two curved pieces of metal that are not sharp and don’t remove capsule tops.

You need a firm hand to operate opener, to hold button and keep opener aligned and on the bottle top.

And you must grip the bottle firmly to stop it moving. That done, the cork is swiftly removed.

The second button impressively removes the cork from the opener.

Not exactly one handed, but very much easier than using a standard corkscrew.

When I am better I will be using this at tastings I present, so much quiker and easier to open 20 bottles.

BTW it doesn’t recommend using on plastic closures.


Excellent review. Sorry it’s still a bit of a battle, hopefully you’ll find a knack that makes it easier for you to extract those corks.

Permanently on LEDs are one of my bugbears :rage: I like taking things apart (and reassembling :hammer_and_wrench:) I’ll often “fix” them so that my house doesn’t look like a christmas tree when the lights are dimmed.

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Lot of lateral thinking here, personnaly I would just call for the wife !

The first bottle I used it on was closed with a DIAM.

Last night used it on Ch Pitray 2012 with a standard cork and the cork broke. I don’t know if that was because the cork was faulty, or too tight a fit in the bottle, or that the machines screw isn’t long enough, or all three.

The remaing cork was firmly wedged and I managed to remove it with a butler’s friend

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