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One for PeterM


The first of its type ?

Grow Your Own Wine

Wow! Pinotage in Sussex!.. that’s quite something… It’s a lovely bit of West Sussex, too. Might have to pay it a visit once it’s established :smiley:


Since his name is in the title and not tagged, just pinging @peterm so he sees this


Thanks @robert_mcintosh and @cerberus

I spent last week in Madeira , only got back last night (very late as Thameslink cancelled all trains north from Gatwick :frowning: ).

Thus I was unable to attend the planting of the UK’s first Pinotage vineyard and as the news was embargoed had to wait until 21 June to post about it on www.pinotage.org

It is indeed, @cerberus , the first Pinotage vineyard in the UK, though not the first in Europe.

With early ripening and thick skin resistance aginst mildew Pinotage should do well in our climate.


Look forward to the results, I do like Pinotage, shame its got a bad reputation (like Riesling had as being ALWAYS sweet) owing to poor winery management back in the 80s. Favorite Pinotage I have had was some Rijk’s private cellar reserve :slight_smile: yum.


Just when English wine is getting a good reputation :sunglasses: