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Once and Future Wines


I haven’t seen any discussion of Sarah Knowles’ offer of Once and Future wines from Joel Peterson. He’s one of my wine heroes so I snapped up a pair of each. Tasting one of his single-estate Ravenswood wines on in Sonoma is still one of my favourite wine memories so I was really excited!

So far i’ve only tried the Forcini Zinfandel - it’s just gorgeous. All the big fruit and power you’d expect from a Californian Zin, but with real finesse and depth. The oak is managed beautifully and the nose really comes alive once it’s had a chance to breath. The perfect bottle for a nice steak!

Has anyone tried any of the others yet?

What wine do you hate ... and what would it take to get you to try it?

I am not sure I have ever seen this offer come through. Thanks for highlighting… very exciting looking bottles.


The Forcini Zinfandel was at the Press Tasting recently and @Leah and I both liked it a LOT


This Zin is excellent! As I had said it was a too 3 of the Reds at the tasting ! I loved it :wink:.



Just saw the email come through. Very tempting, especially the Mourvèdre… I am a bit of a Zin-sceptic


I can understand that - a lot of it is wildly over-ripe (but even that has it’s place…) these are a totally different kettle of fish: rich, layered and very classy. It’s really unusual to see them in the UK, I’ve been hunting for good single estate zinfandels (aside from the marvellous Ridge range) for ages! Well worth a punt!


I’ve not received any email, wonder why that is…:thinking:


Okay you totally sold it.


Are these 3 different bottles or four different bottles…


You may have received other emails this week - there are limits to how many we can send to individual members each week and when there’s lots of great stuff about, it gets difficult to make sure everyone has all the info - that’s why this place is so useful :wink:


4 different bottles - I believe 1 of them has sold out though - you can see the different vineyards on the labels.


I’ve received no emails this week, itgets frustrating as its not the first time I hear of offers or listing of new wines etc… directly from the community. Maybe I need to call member services to find out how they select who receives which offers etc…


I haven’t received any emails re offers recently either- and certainly didn’t get one for Once and Future wines. I did get an email about the ‘introduce a friend and get a chance to win a trip to Champagne’ promotion, but nothing further.


I believe the initial email for the Once and Future wines went out on the 28th March, there are many different emails we send out and it would depend on which emails that are being sent each week for the emails you will receive - we try our best to send only the most relevant emails each week and have a very strict cutoff in terms of the number of emails we send out to everyone. I believe the circulation criteria for this email was for fine wine buyers who bought US wines.


@M1tch And those who nagged Sarah mercilessly for the last few years to get some!


Of which Ive purchased both, I’ll give give them a call. Thanks


Leah - I didn’t get it either but I was delighted to get Sarah’s other email about a kiwi Sav Blanc :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

The true cost of buying cheap cats piss for family members at Christmas time.


Haha… I didn’t get the cat piss one EITHER…!


I popped two of the three remaining wines of the four in my next order and now another one is out of stock. Pretty hot property… or very little w volumes. Sometimes you just wonder how many bottles of certain wines are available.