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On Line Scams

When I visited my banks login it says " Fraudsters are cold calling customers at random. If you’ve been called unexpectedly, and asked to download software on any device, STOP"
and then it goes on…
If my bank ever phoned me i would put the phone down and if necessary phone them back from another phone.
In practice i would log on and send a sercure message .


Good advice. Especially the bit about using another phone, as they can hold your line open, risking you thinking you are dialling the bank’s number.

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Yes, good advice. I would add: have equal (or greater) caution on emails asking you to reply or to click through to a website.

(See the strand on Please verify that you wrote… for an example)

With emails that look plausible click on the name of the sender their email address comes up. Check it carefully, it has to be different from the genuine email address, the difference may be very slight, but it will be different.

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Urgency is also a good clue - demanding action immediately should send up the red flag