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On a day like today, thoughts turn to ... Christmas (trust me)


I know YOU have been very good this year, so what would you like for Christmas?

Yes, it is likely to be by FAR the hottest day of 2018 so far, and the hottest for months to come.

Yes, we all just mowed the lawn and have plans for weekend BBQs

Yes, we’ve all just started buying crisp whites and refreshing rosés to enjoy in the warm sunshine

But just for a moment, can we pretend we are having an Antipodean Christmas this year?


The seasonal cycle rolls on relentlessly and like all good folks expecting treats in December, the planning for that starts NOW (I could have shouted “Winter is coming!”)

As you can imagine, the Christmas period is hugely busy and important to The Society, and to ensure we have everything in place, the planning of what to offer, when to send it to members and how much to have in stock is a year-round job.

Yesterday there was an internal discussion about what new ideas we might have for the Christmas Gifts brochure and I thought that it would be great to ask the members themselves what ideas you might like to see in the brochure. So …

Is there something you wish was available at Christmas - a food / wine / accessory / packaging combination - that would be something you would love to give or receive that should be available?

Do you have any suggestions of things we might have missed, or new products that we should consider? This could be for personal gifts, or even corporate ones.

(Click on this link to see the 2017 brochure for reference and inspiration)

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post them here or to send them privately to me or to @Laura and we will make sure the team hear about them, but be quick as we have to report to them by Tuesday next week!

Who knows, you might just have the PERFECT idea to put on your Christmas List to Santa this year!



We use the Christmas gifts every year for various friends & family, so I’ll convene a meeting of the Herbster Household Committee (membership = 2) and report back :thinking:


As a household partial to dessert wines, we would love a nice selection of dessert wines - France, Germany, Austria, Spain, and NW too! There are some amazing ones out there. It’ll provide a good excuse to consume even more cheese and pâté than we usually do! :blush:


I should also add that a number of good friends would love it as a present, but this is likely to end up as a ‘present to self’ :grin::gift:


I can see the Christmas card inscription already … “It’s all going to come to a sticky end!”


We drink a lot of sherry at Christmas, so that.
Also magnums are a good gift. And port of course.
Subscriptions? I’ve given gin and coffee subscriptions as presents before. doesn’t have to be whole cases! could be one or two mystery nice bottles a month.


Thanks for the awesome gift idea!


Only suitable for people who don’t care much about wine (or gin or coffee or…). I would hate to get an expensive wine that I had not chosen and knew I would not like (anything sparkling for example).


A mixed case of community recommended wines? Some of the best (and best value) wines I’ve ever drunk have been recommended here!


I’d strongly disagree with this! not only would I love to get this as a gift (I could never be upset about it, after all I didn’t pay, how could I be?), but the gin recipient, who does like gin very much, was thrilled with the gift and and loves it when the package arrives with a new bottle to try. Maybe there will be the occasional miss, but so what? It’s a gift. Plus, I’d trust TWS to choose decent wines, and a subscription package can always have options (red only, mixed etc).


@M1tch, @laura and I are working on something like this - hopefully it won’t take until Christmas! :slight_smile:


Does TWS make a big thing of gifting a membership at Christmas?

Perhaps some special offers and/or special packaging for membership at that time of year.

I’ve gifted membership in the past, but never at Christmas. You could perhaps also bundle it with a few wines for Christmas. A four bottle case of a fizz, a white Burgundy, a Claret and a dessert wine? A ready made Christmas lunch wine list?


Not clear how well set up TWS is for gifts: my membership was a (requested) Christmas present, and it took a couple of weeks to sort out my membership, during which my £20 credit was showing up as a £20 debit.


Any thoughts on foods (that can take the strain of warehousing & shipping)?

There’s already some cheese, pate, nuts, olives, smoked salmon, chorizo … (time for a second lunch now I think) but … what would excite YOU?

I might suggest something ‘Eastern European’: like a Bulgarian combo of Borovitza wines and some Lyutenitsa (a savoury spread made from red peppers) :bulgaria:


or maybe some Whisky and Tablet combination (I can’t believe there’s no St. Andrew’s Cross emoji :frowning: )


Please repeat the fruit cakes.


I’d echo dessert wines. Especially Austrian ones, as my budget does not stretch to German TBA!


I think you could put together an interesting English tasting case. Either just wines, majoring on sparkling though not exclusively so, or wines plus interesting condiments say. Worth a though, perhaps, for those who had not dipped their toes in the developing English wine scene.


The society used to do a mixed case which was almost a mini tasting course. Ten wines intended to be drunk in pairs. Oaked vs unoaked, for example, was the Societies White Burgundy and the Wither Hills Chardonnay. You also had young vs mature, New world vs old, full bodied vs light, Burgundy vs Bordeaux. You could probably skip the last to be fair, to save costs. Pair it with a gift membership it would make a fantastic present for a friend/relative who maybe liked wine (as in Hardys, Barefoot etc) but was unaware of the variety that exists.


:point_up_2: The first case I bought after joining TWS. I thought that was a really good concept.


You just reminded me! I got this on my mind…
I’ve never tried Eiswein made of Grüner Veltliner before!.. I think I’m ready for it! :grinning: