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Olivier Leflaive Wines Question

I have a simple Q re Olivier Leflaive wines [whites]; perceived quality and finding them [well; finding one in particular].

The two I’m interested in are the “Les Setilles” and in particular the “Oncle Vincent”. Both seem to get very good reviews everywhere, including on here, and both are seemingly very good QPR.

Obviously it’s always interesting to hear people’s thoughts on them both, but my primary question is how / where to get hold of the “Oncle Vincent”. BBR have some from a client, but way more expensive than they can be got hold of [when in stock that is!]. Otherwise I’ve currently hit a brick wall on this one. The “Les Setilles” on the other hand is perfectly easy to find.

Does anyone happen to know of any in stock anywhere? And - more likely - do they appear every year on the Wine Society list? Either EP or standard?


They appear in the TWS in the White Burgundy EP in August. They also appear on the list occasionally.

Most recently just before Christmas I believe the Oncle Vincent did.


The Oncle Vincent has been on the main list previously - I’ve picked up 2017 from the list. Some further stock appears from time to time. Les Setilles was on the 2019 White Burgundy EP offer last year. It’s worth checking the previous offer notes on the website to see what was previously included EP. From a brief look I can’t see either on the notes but they are not completely up to date for the last couple of vintages. The Bourgogne Blanc seems to be on some of the previous EP offers at that “lower” end. You might find notes on more recent EP offer by searching the community threads.


Lay & Wheeler have the 2019 available, as well as bottles of the 2016 and 2017 for ‘Les Setilles’

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Very much in the minority, but I was unimpressed by the 2017 Oncle Vincent - too blowsey* for me ((* Cambridge dictionary: rather fat and untidy, with badly fitting clothes)). Although it is highly regarded by others and I’m sure they know better than I do.

Might be an idea to try a bottle before going down the cases route?


We will offer some 2018 Les Sétilles in an email very soon.


I recently drank one as well (from the white burgundy mixed case), and similarly was not left with a remarkable impression despite the public acclaim.
That said, it is a vintage and a wine that should benefit from ageing, so I’ll wait a bit before trying the second bottle of the case…


I had a couple bottles of the Oncle (2014), and have a couple more 2017’s in store. I tend to agree that it’s on the broader end of the scale, but I quite like a bit of that now and again.

If you’re after freshness, it probably isn’t a great choice.

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It’s great with turkey on Christmas Day. :poultry_leg:


They’re good wines, but if you haven’t had it before I wouldn’t buy a case. I’d get a mixture including this and some other producers and see what ticks the box!


My uncle, a Wine Society member who introduced me to both Leflaive and the Society itself, is a big fan of Oncle Vincent. If he were part of this forum, he would leap straight to this thread and recommend it to you.

On a personal level, I love his Bourgogne Blancs and upwards, which are beyond superb.

My advice is to try both, and see which flavour profile (argh! marketing speak!) you enjoy the most!


Thank you folks. Buying just a single bottle for now is precisely what I’m wanting to do; but it’s so far proving impossible. I’m currently doing just this with an order from L&W for various Chablis & J.Blot chenins & CFs to see which rock my boat before any case/s purchase/s.

Re the wine itself, I tend to prefer my whites more towards the minerally & lean side, but every now & again a big blowsey oaked Chardonnay - or Godello for that matter - is just the ticket for a big blowsey roast chook. It is a delightful combo :~}


I love the fact that Corney & Barrow do les setilles by the barrel at £3500 IB. And you can have the barrel shipped too. Equivalent 25 cases of 12.

One day my finger will slip…


I buy 6 “les setiles” every year and have never been disappointed

Can understand the “blowsy” comment on oncle vincent. I think it may be a bit better if served a little cooler, or (from memory) with cauliflower cheese.


Apologies for thread slippage… but buying a barrel IB sounds interesting if one was TWS. Presumably said barrel could be shipped to UK, sold EP to members and then bottled here - I wonder how that would work?

TWS certainly used to do that, historically, and I wonder if BRXT has changed the rules sufficiently?

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FWIW the 2018 Setilles has just been listed.


Thanks for the pointer.

Great advice on the tasting note. I sense Toby’s influence:

“Taking a little bit of care when serving will greatly enhance your enjoyment of this wine. Fridge temperature of 3°C will neuter it. Try to serve at 12-13°C and decant half an hour before serving.“


Thanks for pointing that out, szaki1974 - appreciated.

Strangely enough, I’m just in the process of completing an order so your timing is perfect :~}

That is very useful to know; loving the feeling of cold white wine as I do, I would undoubtedly have started drinking this at fridge temperature! I do then with some of the richer fuller whites sometimes let them warm up a bit in case the taste develops in interesting directions, but if it’s a “thirsty night” with company, it could have been too late with this one.

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Thanks for that. Reckon I might even go for the dozen here, find this a pretty consistent way of getting my white burgundy fix at a reasonable price.