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Olivier Leflaive White Burgundy Les Settiles


Good to read that the Leflaive Les Settiles was the white wine of choice at the Royal Wedding’s evening bash.

Enjoying the Leflaive Meursault '14 ce soir with some roast chicken! lol!


Did they say which vintage? I also just saw the 2016 offered for £10.5 per bottle in bond (not TWS). That puts the price level with the previous two vintages


Not in the report that I saw. I think that I saw 2 reports and neither quoted the vintage year.
I have tried a number of vintages of Settiles from 2011 (I think) onwards.
It has never disappointed, mind you the Societies White Burgundy is also terrific vfm.
Another modest step up is “Oncle” from Leflaive, in honour of his uncle.
My personal preference is for the straight Settiles, being a seriously uncomplicated person! lol!


Yes I saw that and thought good on them. Both those wines are excellent and not out of reach pricewise. I looked up my Vivino ratings and I gave both the 2014 and 2015 five stars when tasted last summer. The 2011 I gave 3.5 stars when tasted in 2015.
And this ties up with Hugh Johnson which says ‘drink them early’.
At under £20 a bottle the 2015 is a steal.

PS Les Setilles was my first TWS in-bond wine that I drunk. I think it was 1997 and I remember we drank it mostly in 1998-99 and don’t remember it being half as good as the 2015.


Stayed at O Leflaives hotel in P Montrachet last year, (very welcome 60th B’day present from my kids) Great place, food, wine etc.

Have been buying Les Set en primeur for many years and 2017 set to be a great vintage so the ‘lesser’ wines should be exceptional. Only reservation is that Harry and Megan may put the prices up a bit.