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Old world or new world?

  • Old world only
  • Mainly old world
  • 50/50
  • Mainly new world
  • New world only

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Just a quick poll to see the preference for old vs new world wines, there are many exciting wines coming out of new world countries these days but I know that there is something to be said about old world traditional regions which usually have older vines and the viticulture and oenology dialed in over many years.


I know only 5 respondents so far, but very interesting results!


Indeed, I was expecting a slightly wider split, its always interesting to try and find a new world equivalent wine - might be an interesting thought to start!


Well, I am of the opinion that the Old / New split is increasingly irrelevant really, as the variety of wine styles and quality levels across the whole world continues to increase.

The main reason it has not died completely is that it is very hard to classify wines in searchable groups, so we default to known differentiators such as country first.

It would be GREAT if we could establish some other version of classification that looked at the style of the wine first as provenance, grape variety and price are all features rather than benefits of the wines we are likely to enjoy.

I do understand that is it complicated for both the retailer (who needs to classify every wine separately - including wines from similar regions - into what will be, to some extent, arbitrary groups) and the consumer, who needs to know what they will like, or what they are looking for. However, ultimately this would be more useful in terms of enjoyment.

After all, a well-made, delicate, cool-climate red from Chile might be more “old world” than a “new world” fruit-forward, international varietal red from a warm region in Spain


Maybe the term ‘Style’ so ‘old world style’ vs ‘new world style’ and the stereotype of each wine categories, probably caused by 90s oz chardonnay and 80s rough french red :slight_smile: