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Oh no! The Wine Society Blog has become Facebook

Well its only taken a week of forced behaviour (self-isolation, working from home, having to look after kids by yourself instead of farming them off to the childminder, quarantine etc) in order for TWS to become FB. Civilised society has already broken down. Don’t discuss! Hold on tight!

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Absolutely NO IDEA what your point is, please explain to a Dim Taffy.
I do not do Facebook, Twitter etc.
And no one will force me, so to do!


Calm down! I’m surprised you do TWS Community then?

Have to say I’m with @Taffy-on-Tour.

Is there something on the WS blog you aren’t keen on? If not, can you be a bit clearer about what your point is?

If that is the case that you don’t like the blog, this does happen sometimes. Not all content produced can be tailored to your personal preferences.

In the words of Ricky Gervais, going online and complaining about content you don’t like is a bit like going into a town square, seeing a notice on a noticeboard saying ‘Guitar Lessons’ and shouting “I don’t want guitar lessons!”

Sorry if I’ve gone down the wrong track but I feel like we should be being supportive to the fantastic folks at the WS.


What is The Wine Society Blog?


Was going to say, too. Must be awful for the poor blogger.


Maybe the ‘Discovery’ pages??


It used to be a separate place here https://societygrapevine.com/ but that now seems to rediret to the Community. Grapevine articles however are found in the Grapevine category:

(or https://community.thewinesociety.com/c/blog)

Not sure how they compare to Facebook though.


Wow!!! I can’t wait for the advertising revenue to start rolling in!

Free Lafite for all members!!!


I loathe FaceAche but have a membership for the sole reason that you cannot view FaceAche pages without an account, and some commercial organisations use FaceAche as their sole website (which makes me hate those organisations on principle).

But I don’t see this community as like FaceAche. For instance, whenever I go to F******** I am presented with a list of people who I have never heard of saying they are my recommended ‘friends’…

That hasn’t happened here.


I’ve never bothered with FB so cannot comment on the original poster comments. On the whole I find the contributions here to be fair and genuine. We are all adults and capable of making our own minds up on threads that we may or may not want to read. Threads that don’t appeal to me I ignore.