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Offline in Sheffield


Anyone interested in a Sheffield offline ?


Will stay at home then LOL


Fat Cat & Kelham island tavern. Oh… and the train station bar. Sheff is blessed with fine boozers - which might explain the lack of wine response ?

Incidentally: Le Bon Vin is a great wine shop - best I know of north of Stevenage


Drunk most wines at Le Bon over the years. surprised there`s not one member who lives in Sheffield or close by ? I always have to travel to Manchester or Leeds for an offline but this isnt really possible now.


I’ve sent out a tweet asking for any Sheffield members interested in a local tasting group to join up here and let you know! Fingers crossed…


Thanks Laura most kind


Hello! I live in Sheffield and would be keen to see something happen here…


Smashing, that makes three now. I used to organize an offline around 8 years ago where we would bring a wine from a certain area or grape etc over a 3/4 course meal to share and learn etc.


That sounds like a great idea. Do you know of somewhere in Sheffield that would be a good venue?


Would need to research again, will see if we can get 8+ interested first then start calling round.