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October 2020 on the Community [new here? Read this!]

Hello everyone,

It’s time for another monthly update to help you find all the top content and upcoming events and news all in one place.

Firstly, are you new here?

Welcome! Why not introduce yourself? And if you need a hand getting used to the technical side of things (how to post/reply, how to bookmark topics etc) check out the How To Guides.

And if you need help, never hesitate to ask me (Community Manager), @Kelly (Community Coordinator) or the @Mentor group (a selection of friendly volunteers made up of your fellow members).

Events this month

There’s just one more event this month (you can catch up on last night’s #twstaste of our favourite small-producer wines here) and it’s a special one:

Fancy organising your own virtual tasting here on the Community? Why not start a new topic and see if any of your fellow members would like to join you?

Other news

On Friday 16th October, there’s an exciting whisky release. Lots of you volunteered to be the first to try the new whisky, and the name drawn out of the hat was @Brenda. Look out for a review from Brenda shortly after the new whisky is announced!

Could there be another exciting wine release later this month? Wait and see…

Top recent discussions to join in with…

  1. If you had £170 to spend on wine, what would you choose? Some excellent responses to this question already (thanks, @peterm!)
  2. Brandy fans - we need recommendations! @strawpig has discovered an expensive new hobby, so help him out with your brandy suggestions.
  3. Fine Wine Champions - as ever, this Community was the first to spot our latest offer, and there’s already some great chat and top tips… (thanks, @Brocklehurstj!)
  4. Inexpensive peaty/smoky scotch - can you help @kieran_h and others find a new whisky?
  5. Mystery cases are back and you’re already sharing the contents of your deliveries and comparing notes! There’s been lots of fun chat on this topic over the last months - thanks @NicolaR for reviving this topic.
  6. En Primeur chat - as ever, this private group is alive and kicking with great discussions about the latest en primeur offers. If you’d like to join this group, click here, click Join in the top right, and head here for the latest discussions.

Community New User of the Month

Our bots have awarded this monthly badge to @Spatzsparrow this month - congrats! Thanks for your great contributions to our Supporting Lebanon virtual taste-along - and welcome to the Community. :smiley:

Tasting note of the month

And finally, for a bit of fun, I’ve picked a particularly good tasting note (not an easy task, as there’s so many joyously good ones from you all!). September’s top note had to be the long-awaited first review of Bin #006 - thanks (and congrats!) @Joewlmansfield for ending the suspense!


Is there anything else you think we should cover in these monthly updates? Let us know!


Wow! Thank you!

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