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Oct-Dec 21 List

Just got mine today and was a bit surprised that it retains the numerical dry-sweet scale which has been dropped from the website.
Or perhaps I’m surprised it was dropped on the website!

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Mine got intercepted and put in the recycling before I could look at it!

(it may have been taken out of the recycling now).


I will be keeping an eager eye out for the postman/postwoman tomorrow as mine didn’t arrive today


I got mine despite opting out some time ago. Not a big deal, but more waste that could have been avoided.

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Interesting that the envelope and order form has been ditched.


Surely it needs to be checked for possible magnums before recycling?


Mine arrived at the weekend and replaced my usual Sunday night bath time literature. It makes a nice change browsing on typed media. I appreciate it doesn’t carry the full range, particularly the low volume, more niche wines, but I rather enjoyed looking a bit harder at the main body of what TWS offer - so many gems!


I’m halfway through… No spoilers! :wink:


No one dies, thankfully :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What a good read it is, too! Some fab wines, and the basket once more overfloweth…


It seemed thicker than the previous edition & indeed it is because of the full colour pages on Exhibition Wines.

Sadly the quality of the printing is poor from page 125 onwards with 16 pages containing splodges of black ink. Very unprofessional.

Mine’s just arrived - no ink splodges to be seen. I suggest you let the Society know there has been a printing fault on some copies. Unless members feed that back they won’t know (it may be on just a few copies).

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My copy is clear of any print problems too, or at least haven’t managed to find any yet.

I don’t mean to nit-pick but this is either a typo or a brutal commentary on the quality of whisky…

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Aaaaah I’d not seen the dropping of the sweetness codes online. I found them incredibly useful for off dry styles. :slightly_frowning_face:


Anyone else not recieved the new list yet?

I haven’t had one yet but wondering if it is because I haven’t purchased anything through the society in a while

Still no list for me.

I’ve emailed member services who said it’s coming but im not convinced.