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Oaky chardonnay - any recommendations?

When it comes to white my palette is sometimes lacking in any sophistication. In the hopes that the sun returns sooner than later I want to lift a case of chardonnay - but really looking for lots of oak, buttery flavours etc. No subtlety!

I’d have enjoyed sampling a few to try and find a good value way to achieve that but since mixed cases are off the menu for now - any recommendations on what I’m after?

And your budget is?

This is probably the style of wine i most dislike. Thankfully so out of fashion that they’re getting hard to find!

You’ll probably love Hamilton Russell Chardonnay :grinning:

Well, it’s not TWS, but the one that springs to my mind is Gabb Family Chardonnay, currently in Majestic at 10.99 mix 6 price.

d’Arenburg Olive Grove is a tenner at Tesco.

Good value and quite oaky

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I’ll look at anything for interest and might be tempted. But viewing this as an everyday wine type purchase - maybe £7-£12

Yeah I know :s

Thus my apologetic questioning - needs must these days though - time to suffer the embarrassment!

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Try this. £9.80 - the Waitrose write up doesn’t mention oak but its got plenty (see customer reviews).

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I’ve got a soft spot for this still too, tastes of home.

This might fit the bill


I was going to suggest Bogle Chardonnay (usually £12 on TWS list) - but looks like it’s currently sold out. It offers very good vfm and everything you’d expect from Oaky Chard:

There is a wine called Bread and Butter sold by Majestic (possibly by M&S too) which might also fit your bill, though I must confess - it sounds like quite a confection of vanilla and butter:


Never tried it - so can’t comment.

One I have tried and rather enjoyed - it’s a little toned down from the usual California example, but still displays the creamier side of Chardonnay is this South African example from Boschendal (good value too!):


Really helpful stuff folks.

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That Bogle is a benchmark for the style, other places my stock it.

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Bogle Wines stocked by Great Western Wine in Bath.

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