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NWR - Christmas Post Boxes


Many post boxes around St Albans, Herts have been decorated with knitted tops in aid of charity…

Is this a national thing?





I believe it’s a local thing but not just confined to St Albans: a similar thing has happened over the last 2 years round my way in Hertford thanks to a local group called the ‘The Secret Society of Hertford Crafters’, who are raising money for a local hospice.

Don’t have any photos to hand but they were also behind the extraordinary display at Hertford Castle last month, which featured some 15,000 poppies knitted by residents:


Off topic, but this looks like it was inspired by Paul Cummings’ exhibition at the London Tower, called ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas’, in 2014:

I’ve never seen it myself, but it’s mentioned in a book I’m currently reading.


It was incredible. Was gutted to miss the follow up this year with lights in the moat. They sold a bunch of the poppies off afterwards, I have one at home.