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Now that's the kind of restaurant mistake I'd like to happen to me!


Anyone else think that anyone in a restaurant ordering a 2001 Pichon would definitely have clocked the error when the wrong bottle turned up, and just thought they would run with it!!


There is a truly wonderful episode of Black Books where Manny and Bernard work through a pal’s impossibly expensive wine collection rather than the Londis stuff they were meant to drink. Ah. I do hope they appreciated it.

Old wine is good wine.

Ah, but expensive wine is good wine.

Ah, but the older it is, the better it is.

Yes, but the more expensive it is, the gooder it is.


A tweet from our own @Bargainbob made it in the article!

They will show you the bottle before pouring, so if you realise the mistake and don’t tell them then it is theft.


My partner and I had a situation which involved slightly less cash. We had been on a pretty lovely cycling trip up to Durness and places and had got back to Inverness and we went to a lovely place there, and when she was away at the loo I decided to get a bottle of Tattinger to celebrate the end of the trip. We were still in our functional gear that we’d packed in our panniers for the evening. That made it somehow nicer. And working for it with miles in the legs.

Anyway, she absolutely loved the wine (she has a much better palate than me, easily) and was saying how buttery and lovely it was.

We discovered why. We had mistakenly been given the vintage Tattinger not the NV I’d asked for. But it was in a bucket of ice so we hadn’t noticed. We only noticed when the bill came. The waiter and manager were lovely about it when they saw how mortified we were. We were prepared to do the decent thing, but they were lovely.

And that, with the sun shining as we came into Durness gently pushed by a tail-wind, pretty much made the trip…