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Notes from a small desk

Hi all,

Now a lot of us are working from home I thought I would ask to see how everyone has set up their desks.

I managed to get my office slightly in order about a week or so back - I have converted a small built in wardrobe to a desk setup by adding in some batons on each side for a small bit of worktop. I have also retained the shelf above as well which I can attach things to, shelf is currently full of plastic model kits though so might need to store those elsewhere!

I am running on just the 1 screen at the moment, usually work on 2 in the office so not really liking it at the moment!

I have ordered myself a desk mounted microphone and we have a webcam coming soon (hopefully!) so that we can keep in touch with family via skype etc.

I guess its a bit like a campervan/narrow boat where there are some ingenious solutions to storage or productive restrictions.

How has everyone else set up their desks? My plans for my current desk if I am able to get things delivered would be to:

Wall mount a couple of screens to maximise desk space
Install bookshelf speakers
Install desk mounted microphone
Install floating corner shelves
Sort out the mess of wires under the desk

How is everyone else setup?

Here is the current ‘Mk1 - lets get things connected up setup’


I hope you are following and enjoying the discussion (at least among economists) on twitter about the need to have an impressive backdrop for video conferencing? At our last one, full (but not quite legible) bookshelves seemed most popular, followed by shelves casually indicating how much you have travelled (perhaps you need to find some empty German 1976s or Penfold’s Grange or…). But some organisations seem to have supplied logos etc. A whole new topic for this Community: how to impress without seeming to try.


I had thought this as well, might see if I can hang something behind me rather than the couple of unpacked boxes of tech and photography equipment - maybe a photo of a huge pile of loo roll!


Here’s the study chez @JayKay. We are both retired but gotta keep up appearances! And giving you two screen envy @M1tch!


I’ve got a head start in that I’ve been working from home since 1997 so my office has had plenty of time to settle into a normality of looking like a bomb has hit it. But Two screens, check, comfortable chair, check, loads of junk, check; I’m happy!


Just nabbed some bookshelf speakers and a mini amp and installed them on the desk whilst I took a break for lunch, its a start.

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Yours looks very like mine Mike. Except no loo roll in mine!


Ah you’ve got to get the scale right on that; it’s actually a roll of 6 inch photographic printing paper! I wondered if it might get mistaken for loo roll! :smiley: :wink:


Do you mean it was photographic printing paper?


Love it. I usually work from home one day a week so don’t have much normally but went on a spree last week once we realised it would be a while till we’re back. Now have a printer, stands and a second screen that arrived today but still waiting for the connecting cable.

Sadly the office we planned when we bought the house very quickly turned into the nursery, so I’m in the kitchen. My conference call backdrop is my wine glass/whisky cabinet :smiley: You can just about make out the wine racks in the garden room (don’t worry, it’s chilly in there - North facing garden!)


Currently hogging the teenager’s room, as she’s at her dad’s today:

It’s surprisingly organised compared to its usual look - but only because I can’t work in a mess. Not sure how she can. You can tell it’s a teenager’s room, because there’s a little post-it note on the Mac saying ‘You are amazing’. She assures me someone else had written that! :thinking:


Easier to get to the coffee machine I guess :smiley:

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sure it is… :wink:


Okay you doubters here’s a slightly different view:

That’s a mini desktop photo printer it’s sitting on; we have two much, much bigger versions in the lab. Just bought them in January at £47k for the two (that mini one was thrown in for free!). Talk about bad timing for a big (for us) investment.

Oh and trust me on this, you really, really would not want to use that paper for that purpose. It would make those old boxes of shiny loo paper seem like luxury soft tissue.


I didn’t know that Izal made that?


Just back in from my allotment, didn’t see the final post before putting that one on!

Im on the kitchen table we have an office/playroom which has a proper desk in it but it is designed for a desktop so doesnt have the depth for my laptop and a seperate mouse and keyboard. Plus there are 2 of us working from home so…

I actually have a desk for my home computer which is a rarity among my colleagues it seems. It’s ancient and chipped here and there but holds up. I’d normally have 2 screens and a laptop screen but making do with just the laptop screen and my home screen (we could take what we needed from the office but I thought I’d make do with what I have, now it’s locked up tight I regret not taking a screen and splitter).

We could WFH if we wanted anyway so it’s not been a huge adjustment for my company but doing it every day is weird, I strangely miss our cramped hot stuffy office and my colleagues. Teams and skype just isn’t the same. Even the commute on the ever late buses is part of it, just shutting your laptop and that’s the end of the working day is odd.

Here’s my entry from the WFH pets competition last week, it didnt win . Excuse the bad screen blurring, publicly hosted photo and the screen had company logo on it etc


Can’t remember how long this incarnation has been going 20+ years at least!


We moved the desk from the living room up into our bedroom (sorry, no photos) for my wife to work at for the foreseeable future as the kids would not leave her alone while she was within sight.

Many calls were interrupted / ruined until we moved the desk, definitely worse than this:

Bedroom seems ok, nice and light, with a good viewpoint for neighbourly observations