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Not wine but water


Not really a wine question, but does anyone know what has happened to Badoit mineral water? It’ s completely vanished from any Sainsburys or Tesco store near me as far as I can see. For about the last week or two I think. Very odd.


I drink Yorkshire Water out of the tap or i fill up the same plastic bottle that i have used for 20 years -when i go out for a walk. Its a lot cheaper than bottled water and better for the environment.


When I was in France earlier in the year there was Badoit in the shops, so might be a UK or retailer thing.


There’s Badoit in the shops in France now, too. So probably not a product thing.


If I type Badoit into the Tesco search I get loads of different brands of mineral water appearing but not Badoit. However if I type in, say, Highland Spring I only see Highland Spring which suggests they have set their search on ‘Badoit’ to redirect to a generic spring water search which in turn suggests they may no longer be stocking it, hence redirecting you to other brands.


Amazon and Waitrose/Ocado list Badoit but all say out of stock – update, just rechecked at 16:41 30/05/19 Amazon, they have it but say ‘only 1 left’ (pack of 6 x 1 litre)


Something odd here, our local Sainsburys had Badoit on the shelves four to five weeks ago as I purchased some, looked yesterday when there, none, and it is not on their web site, call for Sherlock Holmes…

Though I have just checked Amazon and they are now awash ! with it, delivery problem ?


My guess is that Danone had a commitment to market Badoit in the UK, but that has now come to an end. So supermarkets are dropping the brand in anticipation of a downturn in sales.