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Not wine but water


Not really a wine question, but does anyone know what has happened to Badoit mineral water? It’ s completely vanished from any Sainsburys or Tesco store near me as far as I can see. For about the last week or two I think. Very odd.


I drink Yorkshire Water out of the tap or i fill up the same plastic bottle that i have used for 20 years -when i go out for a walk. Its a lot cheaper than bottled water and better for the environment.


When I was in France earlier in the year there was Badoit in the shops, so might be a UK or retailer thing.


There’s Badoit in the shops in France now, too. So probably not a product thing.


If I type Badoit into the Tesco search I get loads of different brands of mineral water appearing but not Badoit. However if I type in, say, Highland Spring I only see Highland Spring which suggests they have set their search on ‘Badoit’ to redirect to a generic spring water search which in turn suggests they may no longer be stocking it, hence redirecting you to other brands.


Amazon and Waitrose/Ocado list Badoit but all say out of stock – update, just rechecked at 16:41 30/05/19 Amazon, they have it but say ‘only 1 left’ (pack of 6 x 1 litre)


Something odd here, our local Sainsburys had Badoit on the shelves four to five weeks ago as I purchased some, looked yesterday when there, none, and it is not on their web site, call for Sherlock Holmes…

Though I have just checked Amazon and they are now awash ! with it, delivery problem ?


My guess is that Danone had a commitment to market Badoit in the UK, but that has now come to an end. So supermarkets are dropping the brand in anticipation of a downturn in sales.


Would anyone have an update on this, perhaps someone in the grocery business? I wonder if Badoit is going the way other other nice items from France which have recently stopped shipping here. I really miss my favorite bubbly water!


I’ve been wondering about it too; I don’t see it anywhere. I’ve switched to San Pellegrino but it’s not as nice, and, imo, goes flat more quickly.


Normally drink tap water.
However, I’m on an enforced ‘alcohol free’ regime as I have a prescription for a blood pill, which may be affected by alcohol.
For how long I don’t know, but am looking for interesting drinks!


There’s different qualities of tap water, though. We have a 220 foot deep well at our house in New York, the water is lovely. Tap water in London is very good. At our flat in Norfolk, the water is quite unpleasant to drink. Chlorine, plus a slight stale taste even if you leave it for several hours for the chlorine to go.


Thames water is pretty heavy on chlorine and I filter all mine whether to drink on its own or to make tea and coffee. I don’t drink many other soft drinks. Fizzy water with lemon or lime juice is good, and sometimes ginger ale hits the spot.


Ditto @Andy999
Have been forced to change to San Pellegrino. It’s just not the same. Where has all the Badoit gone !