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Not a Society tasting, but we'll be there anyway!


You’ll find a TWS table at a few weekend wine events this year. The events are organised by others, and there are other exhibitors, but our wines are poured by our people. So if you find yourself at one of these events, don’t forget to come and say hello and taste from the dozen or so wines on show.

Tickets are not necessarily available yet but, in case you wish to mark your card, those marked * are the ones I’ll be at, should you feel either (a) curious or (b) want to give those a miss …)

*Sat 24th March - Love Wine Festival, Guildford
Thu 17th May - Three Wine Men Let’s Get Fizzical, London
*Sat 2nd June - Festival of Wine, Glasgow
*Sat 30th June - The Wine Gang, London
*Sat 18th August - Wine Car Boot, London
*Sat 13th October - Festival of Wine, London
*Sat 3rd November - Festival of Wine, Edinburgh
*Sat 10th November - Love WIne Festival, Birmingham
*Sat 10th November - Three Wine Men, Cambridge
Sat/Sun 17th/18th November - Three Wine Men, Manchester
*Fri/Sat 23rd/24th November - Wine Festival Winchester
*Fri/Sat 23rd/24th November - Three Wine Men, London
*Sat 1st December - Three Wine Men, Cardiff
*Sat 1st December - The Wine Gang, London


Oooh, there won’t be TWS presence in the Brighton Wine Week in April…? :frowning:
Ah well! Might try to make it to the Wine Gang in London in June.


Hmmm…might go for the Cardiff event if we can organise childcare and so forth. Looks like fun, especially if we can avoid driving…!


It all looks like so much fun, I’m getting a headache from the sheer choice! Not enough days in the week… not enough liver cells to process all this fun… :tired_face:


Ah, you see, the upside of living in a backwater is that I don’t have to worry about choice when it comes to interesting events!


Surely it’s worth it for the mere fact that PJ Harvey is from Yeovil??.. Ever run into her at your local…? That will be an interesting event! :wink:


…and John Parrish! But I think they had to get out in order to get anywhere.


I’ve always been curious about the three wine men events, what are they like? The Friday one in London is just after my birthday and I have the day off…


They’re always good fun with, for me, the right mix of exhibitors to both satisfy the geek and / or introduce the novice (both of whom are usually overwhelmed at the start by having so much on offer to taste). We’ve shown at every one of their events bar the first couple, and enjoy meeting and talking with members as well as, of course, recruiting new ones. Noisy but not lairy, shedloads of wines being shown by merchants, producers, regional/country generic wine promotion bodies. If I were not in the trade, I’d be tempted to attend, and many friends do (off their own bat rather my say-so).


I went to one of their Christmas tastings and it was very good. I did the Penfolds masterclass, but even without that it was great. Got talk to producers from Napa and Sancerre, as well as the representatives of Meerlust to mention just a few.


Hey @Ewan - do you know what wines you will be showing at the ‘Fizzical’ event yet?


… and on a similar subject- do you know when tasting events/Stevenage dinners for July onwards will be published? I’m on tenterhooks :wink:


Very soon. We have to time the release of the events on the website to coincide with the release of the new list which I believe will be posted from early next week.


Many thanks for the update @Tim_S! Looking forward to that :+1:


I do indeed:
The Society’s Cava Reserva Brut NV
Blanquette de Limoux Méthode Ancestrale, Antech NV
The Society’s Saumur Brut NV
The Society’s Prosecco
Vecchio Moro Lambrusco Grasparossa Rinaldini
Hunter’s MiruMiru Marlborough Brut NV
Bride Valley Brut Reserve 2014
Pirie Tasmanian Traditional Method Sparkling Wine NV
Champagne Jean de Foigny Brut Premier Cru NV
Champagne Pierre Paillard Les Parcelles 13 Grand Cru Extra Brut NV
The Society’s Champagne Brut NV
The Society’s Champagne Rosé NV
Champagne Henriot Blanc de Blancs Brut NV
Champagne Lanson Gold Label Brut 2008


Looking forward to it, especially after reading this teaser from Fiona Beckett:

The Society has some terrific wines arriving over the next couple of months…


Stop Press! The Society will be participating as a seller at the Wine Car Boot at St James’s Market in London next weekend, Saturday 18th August (have updated the original post to reflect this). Behind the table - @Ewan and @Rosie! If you find yourself at a loose end in in the smoke next Saturday, we’d love to see you.


Is that your sales team, Ewan? They appear to be having a whale of a time!


Ha! No, a group of visitors to the last one - @Rosie and I will doubtless be having just as much fun …