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Norwich group

I saw that in the Cambridge thread there are a few of us further east, and I was wondering if there are enough of us to have a group closer to home?

We’re blessed with a number of good restaurants here in Norwich and in Norfolk more widely, although I don’t know what policies are regarding corkage etc.

Anybody interested?


I think most places are open to corkage (for a fee) if you ask nicely.

Me too! The other half and I are very much keen beginners in the wine arena, but no way to learn other than getting into it!

I live in Trinity st just off Unthank road near city centre so yes happy to join!

Yep I’d be up for it. I’m in Aylsham. keep me / us posted.

Andrew - I used to live in Oxford St…

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I’m just a stones throw from Unthank Road and spend a lot of time around that area, there’s some good potential venue options around there.

When are we all free? Does 30th July work for everyone? Hopefully restrictions will have lifted and it won’t clash with Cambridge for anyone that wants to go to that one.

I’m very open to suggestions for venue, what kind of price range did everyone have in mind? Benedict’s are a good option and have a nice private dining room but are of course quite expensive. I might also suggest L’Hexagone who are much more reasonably priced. In between perhaps Bishop’s? I’m open to any cuisine, and it might be an interesting challenge to pair wine at Shiki or Blue Joanna!

We just live on Pottergate so everywhere is walking distance for us.

You just hit several of the places I was thinking about :slight_smile:

Benedict’s is usually booked up really far in advance but it may be different for the private dining room. L’hexagon potentially too as we’d prob take up most of the place. Blue J is a nice left field suggestion. There’s a few pubs I can think of with food at the same level as the restaurants but as they’re pubs they might not be ok with corkage. Woolf & Social is always good too and has the best terrace in Norwich (if summer resumes). Maybe Last Wine Bar?

30 July works for me.

30th fine with me

None of you will ever speak to me if I suggested that haven of Norfolk gastronomy, Bowthorpe Castle Carvery. A large glass of 2005 chateau Climens with their infamous “Choco Challenge” dessert sends shivers down the palate.

So, yes Benedicts or Hexagone fine with me. Despite its proximity I have never been to Blue Joanna.

Not sure about others is Bishops still going? Also Farmyard is good.

The Bicycle shop is a bit quirky but has a level of scruffy charm. They have lots of room.

I did go to Benoli’s ĺast night and that was very good. But happy with either Hexagone or Benedicts.

Farmyard’s a good call. Blue J is very good although chefs changed a few times over the years, it’s owned by one of the old owners of The Last. I wasn’t impressed the one time I went to Benoli but it was early days.

Depends on kick off time. I’d be working in Holt that day and would finish there not before 18.30, then have to find some means of getting into Norwich; would need to be taxi being realistic. But - doable in principle, I’m just wary of the impact on my work shift on the Saturday from 8am ! Moving the meet up to the Saturday 31st works better for me though.

Sat 31st works for us too.

L’Hexagone also has a private dining room, as do Last’s in their cellar. Benoli and Farmyard also good ideas. I do like how spoilt for choice we are!


31st fine with me also. Once date agreed and place our next task is choice of wine…

31st good for me too.

There’s at least few more Norfolk and Norwich people on here who will hopefully join us too.

Fantastic, I’ll enquire with restaurants re the 31st then!

@John_Doe Are you able to make it on 31st July?

@Andrew1990 @PHarvey @Aaronb Will there be anyone accompanying you?

With regards to the wine, I’m happy for it to be a free for all, or it could be themed to the cuisine of the restaurant? What does everyone think? Should we set a cap on price or anything like that?

@tongyang272 many thanks. I was not planning on bringing Mrs M but if spouses/partners are coming I will ask her.

I’ve asked a mate who’s a TWS member but that’s a maybe only. otherwise I’ll be on my tod. (TOH is in France)

Venue, price cap and wine theme - happy to go with the consensus, I can adapt.

I’ll be solo, but the more the merrier if others want to bring people!

Not bothered about the wine, free for all or themed is good.

Happy to bring whatever. I confess to my cellar being old world, some northern Spanish, bits of north Italy lots of French but no Bordeaux, selection of Burgundy, Alsace, Jura, cru Beaujolais, and Rhone. Odd bottle of German Riesling.
One bottle of Torrontes and one of Napa SB from Spottswoode. No Australia. One bottle NZ PN from Walnut block.
Eclectic selection of English PN. Sharpham, Winbirri, Flint and Gusbourne.
If any requests am happy to provide further particulars!

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado for a few days, I’ve been waiting to hear back from restaurants:
L’Hexagone unfortunately don’t offer corkage.
Benedict’s do at £15 per bottle/£20 for bubbly but are booked up and there’s a minimum of 6 for their private dining room.
I’ve had no response from Benoli or Farmyard.
The Wine Cellar do offer corkage at a cracking £5 a bottle! Their food is a tier down on these other restaurants though.

Last’s do offer corkage at £15 per bottle and have a table for 4 at 8pm - I’m provisionally booking this, is everyone happy with this?