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Looks like a great night! What was the 1981 Meerlust CS like?

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A fleeting joy. Still had some beautiful leathery nose left, but disappeared on the palate in a matter of seconds. An experience, nevertheless.


Some CT links to those who grouped their TNs into events


Others posted individual notes (which can easily be found from the above)


Here’s the poll to select the next date for our meet up:

  • Tuesday October 25
  • Wednesday October 26
  • Thursday October 27

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After discussion on the WhatsApp’s (please ask if you’d like to join) adding further dates here to show your availability

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Hi everyone, have been lurking on this forum for a while but not participated actively. Currently living in Tufnell Park but moving to Crouch End in the next couple of months. Would be interested in joining the next meetup if the dates work out! @Radders123 maybe you could add me to the whatsapp group? Thanks!


@NW3Andre can perhaps help as I’m not an admin for the WhatsApp

A bunch of us got together yesterday to drink Italian wines from Tuscany at a pugliese restaurant in Islington. The theme of the evening was Tuscan Treasures and indeed the event was full of treasures.

A lot of wine was consumed. To add insult to the injury, one of the most idiotic members of the group had the brilliant idea to bring a bottle of Grappa (Tuscan, of course, 100% Sangiovese).

The conversation flows freely during these events and you do learn a lot. There are some heavyweight connoisseurs of Italian wines in this group - one was sitting across from me and the other to my right. Eveyone benefits from having these guys around.

I dare to say we’ve outdone ourselves with this one. If you haven’t joined one of these events, I suggest you put your name up for the next one in the WhatsApp group. They are priceless.


A very educational evening. Still feeling the after effects, undoubtedly made far worse by said grappa :grinning:


Must admit, I can’t even remember if I had any grappa!

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I would love to be added to the WhatsApp group. Could somebody in it send me a PM and I will give them my number?

What restaurant, by the way, was the Islington pugliese one?

Terra Rossa. They seem happy to do corkage at no official charge, but we decided to add £15/head.

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I’ve a feeling they offer us corkage for nothing because Ian knows the owner. I don’t know what their regular corkage deal is, if any.


Live in Palmers Green, been a member of WS for over 10 years but only just realised this community thing exists! Would love to join the odd tasting evening


I’ve just joined TWS and have moved to N London recently and would be up for a tasting evening too! Thanks